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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Games are still good: too good for me of course.

Of course this hand is a face up overpair by the action and I'm just paying someone off who's set-mining. I don't really worry about monsters here - I'd expect to see something like QxXd or T9s at least - not, uh, T8o,

 But hey, go ahead and call off half a stack OOP with second pair no kicker - wonder what the plan was on the turn, besides spike and hit, because I'm never ever folding getting 3-1 on fourth street.

At least I wasn't last. 30/31  Seems like a nice enough site overall. Will have to explore further. Thanks to Pokermeister and Seals With Clubs for hosting!

Hand #19447768-5 - 2014-02-26 21:04:21
Game: NL Hold'em (0+0) - Blinds 10/20
Site: Seals With Clubs
Table: Bitcoin Blogger Freeroll - Table 4
Seat 2: robvegaspkr (3081)
Seat 3: BloodOfKings (3842)
Seat 4: cidoncha (2970) - sitting out
Seat 5: edgie1 (2208)
Seat 6: heffmike (2970)
Seat 8: MichelleD (2980) - sitting out
Seat 9: KingQuesnel (2949)
heffmike has the dealer button
MichelleD posts small blind 10
KingQuesnel posts big blind 20
** Hole Cards **
Dealt to heffmike [Ah Ac]
robvegaspkr folds
BloodOfKings raises to 170
cidoncha folds
edgie1 calls 170
heffmike raises to 500
MichelleD folds
KingQuesnel folds
BloodOfKings calls 330
edgie1 folds
** Flop ** [Qc 8d 7d]
BloodOfKings checks
heffmike bets 900
BloodOfKings calls 900
** Turn ** [Th]
BloodOfKings bets 2442 (All-in)
heffmike calls 1570 (All-in)
BloodOfKings refunded 872
** River ** [Kd]
** Pot Show Down ** [Qc 8d 7d Th Kd]
BloodOfKings shows [8s Tc] (Two Pair, Tens and Eights +K)
heffmike shows [Ah Ac] (a Pair of Aces +KQT)
BloodOfKings wins Pot (6140) with Two Pair
heffmike finishes tournament in place #30

1 comment:

The Poker Meister said...

I saw it happen live. It was pretty brutal. Nothing like calling a 3bet and a flop cbet but catching good on the turn - and open shoving...