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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Super Tuesday >>>>> Black Friday

Hey, I might be able to play live again! Thanks to the efforts of the DoJ and Stars, I should be able to unlock a not-insignificant FTP bankroll for some fall follies at a cardroom near you. Woot!

-Actually have played the Dank the last couple of weeks - nothing notable happens - and even if it did, I wouldn't remember b/c it's not like Stars saves hand histories for home games anyway...

-Al made some cryptic noise about more Blogger tourneys on Face Up Gaming, but I haven't seen any other news about this in a week. I guess this remains to be seen - as well as if these guys can figure out how to handle more than a few hundred logged-in players...

-One thing is starting to annoy me lately in the limited amount of playing time I'm getting - I can't handle success or close very well.

1) I played an AIPS Home Game tourney for the first time in forever last week, mostly because it was PLO8 and I used to light that game up in SnG/MTTs like it was my job back in the day. I started very very slowly, but by the time I got halfway through the final table I finally started making hands, valuetowning people and building a stack.
I ended up HU against a reasonably OK player, but one that was SOSOSO PASSIVE at PLO8. Like, he never raised his button preflop and never value bet his hands when he made them. So, I basically went on autopilot, ground him down over 15-20 minutes, had a 4-1 chip lead and figured that the only way I could lose is if I ran incredibly bad.

So I lost three straight allins after the flop and finished second.

2) Went back to the free bar tourneys last weekend after a week off. Managed to run a 7K stack into 50K in an hour by hitting every hand and actually had 50BB when we combined to a 8-handed final table. I probably had almost 1/3 of the chips in play, which isn't easy at that stage of the tourney.

And I finished 7th. Couldn't buy a pot and lost every flip.

3) Even in tonight's Dank, I built a big stack early (7K 20 minutes in) and blew it all to finish 16/27. I get pwned by every nit that shows up with a big pair behind me when I open a pot  - and either I never guess right and catch them with air - or bloggers never bluff when you build a big pot preflop.

Even to get to that point, I had to run bottom set into a flopped Broadway and fill up on the river after I got raised on the turn and decided to peel and check/fold if I didn't fill up - and I had to run AQ into KK all in preflop and spike an ace.

Sometimes it's just frustrating to play. Am I playing too tight - too loose... Am I giving villains too much credit - or not enough respect... I just need more time in the seat.

Maybe I can get that soon with my freed up roll. I do have 2.16 left in rackback on clowny Lock. 

Time for robusto playing 1c/2c or something, lol.

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