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Friday, August 17, 2012

I find many amazing outs...

Brief update of joyousness.

*** Grind a Dank Wednesday night. Manage to spew a lot and then slowly get it all back. Get four-handed with a good amount of chips and manage to get someone to raise/four-ball shove almost 35BB at me preflop with A5 when I'm holding AK. Trip 5s by the river. Wheee.....

*** Get even sillier and grind a triple stud AIPS tourney Thursday night - nice structure, sort of - 17 players with single stacks took over 5 hours!!!!. I think I spent three hours at a starting stack wondering where everyone learned to play stud. By the time we got three handed, I'm to the point where anything other than winning seems like a waste of time - as if it already wasn't....

So we get to Stud three handed and I'm rolled up with TTT. I raise third, get reraised, and flat - check/call fourth, and check/raise fifth - but when I get threeballed with xxA showing, somehow, the way I'm running, I just know this isn't a good sign.

I call down two more streets, catch an ace on the river - but hey, that case ace on fifth gave the other guy trip aces. Wheeeeeeee...... I run another buried pair into a bigger one a few minutes later to finish third.

Someday I'll figure out how to fade these two and three outers when it's kind of important :-(

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