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Monday, July 9, 2012

Crazy eights

-Because I have nothing better to blog about now, let's talk about the freebee bar poker MTTs...

Pretty straightforward evening at the fake tables over the weekend... Completely card-dead for an hour or so, got down to 3BB, then kept winning 60-40s until I finally lost a standard flip to go out 5th of about 23 or so.

The notable notes, with an actual pokery-type question at the end...

1) I'm always amazed by how people play. In the span of 15 hands I saw someone open-limp/flatcall a raise out of position with 99, AA, and QQ (twice). She won three of the four hands. Of course, she also paid off quads on a paired board with a pure bluff catcher, so I have no idea if these lines were a conscious plan or just her erratic style of play.

Naturally, every time I raised her blind she defended/floated, and then donked into me in spots where I can't call and she wasn't likely to fold to a bluff-raise. I run so goot.

2) One of the hands she won was this: Open limps UTG+1 seven-handed, I'm in the BB with Kx, but the SB decides to raise from 200 to 1200. While he's doing that, the button is in his own world and puts out two cards to a flop with a King in the door. I'm half tempted to flat but I'm not a complete muppet, plus I know the cards should get shuffled back into the stub anyway.

I fold, woman flats. Heads up to a reshuffled Qxx rainbow flop, SB checks, woman bets half pot, SB jams, woman snap calls with top set, he sighs and rolls over AA. Live poker is fun.

Then he starts grumbling about how the button's premature flop hosed him - which is kind of true, but

-shit happens,
-cards are random, yo,
-the third card on the first flop might have been a queen, you never know,
-oh well, shit happens.

Even though there's not a continuous RNG shuffling cards during the hand in the real world, I like to think there is. It helps me not fixate too much over silly mistakes like misdeals and dealer fuck-ups.

3) Ok, the pokery-like content. After I roach my way to the final table and win a flip with AK v 33, I actually have what passes for some chips at this point (anything over 10BB, lol). Then, two hands show up where I know what I would do online, but live is a different matter.

 A- We're six handed. UTG is a pretty solid player with chips. BB is a pretty nitty nit. Blinds 1K/2K and I have 28K.

UTG limps, all fold. I have 88 in the SB and just complete. BB then raises to 8K.
UTG folds, I ask how much more is behind and he shows me 12K more. I think and fold.

(Next hand he does the same thing out of the SB and gets a call from an openlimper in EP. He jams a seven-high flop with a flush draw, gets called by A7s (lolpreflop) and his kings get cracked when the flush hits the river. I ask if I was ahead the hand before and he takes a bit to remember before saying he had KQs. So basically I refused to flip, if I believe him.)

B- Five-handed now at 2k/4k, I still have the same 28K stack.
Same UTG opens for 14K. Folds to me in the BB and I look down at 88 again. I push, UTG has a simple call getting 3-1 and I don't hold vs. AQo and I'm out.

Naturally, in any online SnG or MTT, these are pretty trivial spots, especially spot B. I'm too short to stop and go, folding a 7BB stack with a pair is ludicrous, etc...

I SHOULD be raising in spot A, but the UTG limp seemed suspicious, and I just felt like something wasn't right.

But, this is a live (fake) MTT. In both spots I'm certain

-Villains are never raise/folding,
-Villains are pretty straightforward and are never making a move with air,
-I'm hoping I'm flipping against overs, but there's a good chance I'm running into a bigger pair.

As played, what the minimum you get it in with in spot A?

It's a snap shove with TT and a borderline call with 66, I think... But there I go trying to reduce variance by only losing 1K, finding a better spot, and refusing to flip - when it's exactly the kind of spot where I should flip to go big or go home, reads be damned.

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