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Monday, July 2, 2012

And this is what passes for a MTT sweat now...

   After the Face Up debacle, it's pretty apparent that I'm not going to be making any huge online plays in the near term: I'm not very bullish on their future at all.

    The one place I had a little scratch on, Lock, just "downgraded" their software and left Merge: I wasn't really a fan of the changes at all, and decided to go big or go home with my $250 last week... ...and went busto in less than 24 hours - I've never run into so many flopped sets in my life, enough where I actually entertained, "mygodthissiteissoriggedobv" thoughts - and when it all went buh-bye, I uninstalled the software and called it a day. Hey, I got an iPad out of my play there, so that'll work....

   As a result, I don't have any online mobneys at all - except the 3400 I'll never get from FTP - for the first time in forever - at least since 2004, when I first tossed money on Party and Stars and FTP.

 Right now, I'm such a busto in real life - billsbillsbills - that I don't even have a real roll to go out to Charles Town or Delaware Park and spewtard at 1/2 NL or luckbox my way to a couple of final tables with some other locals, as pointed out in my last post.


 Now, it's not real at all, but I try to play semi-regularly on Sunday afternoons at a local dive - I've done ok there, won a few tourneys and quarterly championships - but really haven't made anything substantial happen there in a couple of years, although if I've played 20% of the time, I'm doing really really well - sometimes it's hard to get out of the house for a few hours with family/life stuff...

 Basically, the player base there is pretty consistent and reasonably good like the old blogger tourneys - you get reads and overall history on players... and I have a rep as being a pretty strong player, albeit one that tards off on occasion and overplays weak hands (This is when I openshove A5s for like 7BB and get tank called by TT or AJo from the blinds for a third of someone's stack, LOL)

 With that in mind, Sunday was the first day of the fall season - and hey, it's time to redouble my efforts, play a good game, blahblahblah... We end up with three tables, starting stacks of 7K at 100/200 blinds with 25min levels - I get a 1500-chip bonus by showing up 15 minutes early - anyhow, I start at a table with three women, one of their fathers, and two older nits, so I think, hey, I should be able to do just fine here at a seven-handed table with 40BB assuming I don't get coolered like crazy... I mean, they all are solid players, but I think I'm smarter than the average bear, right?

 Oh no, you will learn you are still a dumbass padawan, yes you are Heff....

 *** First hand, I'm in the SB with J8o, cutoff (the third woman who I have no history with, though the other two know her) open limps. Button folds, I complete, Woman 1/Daughter checks her option.

 Flop J65 two clubs that I don't have. Check/Check/cutoff bets 400 into 600 pot. I call with TopPairBullshitKicker, Daughter folds, heads up to a turn.

Turn another 5, I check call 800 (this is really bad in retrospect, I know, I'm just throwing away chips)

 River completes a backdoor flush, I check, cutoff checks behind. Maybe I'm good - and in these tourneys, I'm not going to do the "I Called You You Show First" unless someone's an obvious prick - so I say, I have a Jack - and Woman 3 rolls over two black Kings for the first pot....

 Sigh. So pwned. But then again, WHY AREN'T YOU VALUE BETTING THE RIVER I NEVER HAZ FLUSH OR A FIVE! I expected to get pipped by QJ/JT, not crushed by an overpair. Anyway, there goes the bonus chips...

 *** Couple hands later, I raise AQo to 500 from EP, one of the nits repops me to 1500 from the cutoff - and I flat him OOP like a true dipshit.

 Flop AKx and he bets 2K into me and I count out the rest of my 5600 chips - and instead of folding or shoving, I decided to call and "freeze" him, reading him for NOT AA/KK/AK - but something AQ can actually beat?

 Anyhow, turn's a Jack (ewww) river's a 9 completing a flush (double eww) and we check it down, he shows AQo - and we chop it up and I really feel dumb now...

 We talk during the next hand - I wonder if I would have shoved the flop would he have called (of course!) he says he read me for a weaker ace and not a big hand because I didn't reraise (which is why I've started flatting a lots of three-bets preflop with monsters at these games - and it works!)

Anyhow, my game sucks now, bottom line. Basically, I forget that everyone else doesn't play like I do and end up valuetowning myself a lot in spots where I think, OMG this is a great spot for a bluff -and I never get shown anything but the effective nizzles when I call.

 *** My next big blind, there's like three limpers (three women, the dad, and me) and the flop comes KQx - my mighty Q4o checks the flop - it checks around - flush card on the turn checks around - and rag on the river checks through as well - so I say "I have a Queen" fully expecting it to be good or chop - until Kings woman from the first hand rolls over K-rag from the button.

 Sigh. If only she knew how to value bet.

 *** I manage to steal a pot over Woman 3 and Dad when they both limp and I have to juice it to 1100 from the cutoff to get everyone to fold - and then I decide to make a small open raise for 500 with AJo under the gun. Woman 1/Daughter calls, Woman 2 calls, Woman 3 calls from the small blind, and Dad comes along. Joy.

 Flop Axx rainbow, Woman 3 makes a really odd lead for 500, I call, and the Daughter behind me calls... Hmm.

Turn a low rag that puts out a flush draw. Daughter checks, I decide to bet 1500 - and both of them call. Not good.

River another junk card. Women 3 checks, I decide to check, thinking a bet never folds out anything better and only gets called when I'm beat - and when the Daughter checks behind, I figure one pair might actually be good here and show the all powerful JackAce - and Woman 3 bones me again with an oddly played AQo. Fuck.

Daughter had A9s with the turned draw, by the way. Landmines everywhere here.

 *** So now I'm a little frustrated - I should be like, see how I can dodge bullets, but instead I'm all about, man, how much can I get notched today?

Blinds go up to 200/400 and with 4700 in my stack I decide to open raise a little large to 1500 with 77 from EP instead of just sticking it in. Woman 2 (who is the best, and nittest, player of the three) counts out her stack from the small blind - it's a little less than mine - and FLAT CALLS. Uhoh.

 Flop Axx rainbow, she snap jams. Ah, a classic Stop and Go, haven't seen that in a while. Now, I don't really buy that she has an ace... But I can believe she has 77 beat, and can't see her doing this with a bluff when I almost have to call a pot-size bet getting 3-1 - and snap fold.

 So yeah, I'm really, really playing like a full on donk here in a freeroll. FML.

 *** Next hand I look down at KdTd under the gun and just stick it in for 3200 (8BB). Daughter to my left flat calls. Woman 1 in the small blind flats as well. Dad in the big blind also flat calls. Oh Fuck Me Hard, anyone else want a piece of this?

But, I scoop up all 12.8K in chips in front of me and think, oh yeah, here's where I flop the NIZZLES and get it all back, baby.

 Flop Qxx all black. Checks around (boo)
Turn pairs the Q. Checks around again (hey, maybe I can spike six outs on the river?)
River blank. (Oh well) Checks around a third time.

Woman 3 turns over TT (seriously, run a little better?)

Dad slowly rolls over twoblackaces.

Really? Was there a rule you couldn't reraise preflop? I love taking Aces four ways pre in a raised pot.

 I muck and get on my merry way. Daughter asks me what I had, said she had 99 on that hand. I just lie and say AKo but I knew at least one person had a pair, because I'm SO FREAKING TILTED FROM A FREE BAR POKER GAME WHERE I GOT PWNED AND BONED IN EVERY HAND FOR TWO ORBITS.

 And this is why as much as I'd love to go throw chips around for real, I probably need to completely rework my game from the ground up to stop being such dead money...

 On the other hand, since I busted out so soon and didn't feel like killing two hours for the night game, I up and left - right when our power came back on two days after Friday's derecho - we'd been crashing at the MIL's pad up the road while she's been on vacation - so it was all for the best as I had a ton of work to do to put the house back right as the weekend closed.

 So yay me. Let's hope I have more entertaining adventures soon.

 At least I didn't play like this or this for a million dollars. So I have that going for me...


The Poker Meister said...

To be honest, sounds like more runbad than playbad. I think I lost your email, but send me an email if you have mine still - I put together a .ppt slide set of points to winning 1/2 Ctown...

lightning36 said...

I certainly feel like I have lost my "tournament edge" when playing poker. I am, however, enjoying live poker, as frustrating as that can be sometimes.

Pokerwolf said...

My biggest problem with "free" poker is that I play like a complete idiot because my brain knows it doesn't cost me anything to lose. I'm trying to break the habit, but it's a real trick to shake it.