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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Face Up Gaming is going to die die die...

if it can't figure out how to handle a few hundred users on a Saturday afternoon...

Now, maybe there are extenuating circumstances (I live in Reston, where we had some weird-ass derecho storm take out most of the power in the area Friday night, along with Amazon's cloud servers for NetFlix and Instagram...not sure if the disconnects were regionally based or not) - but my god, the lobby chat and Twitter feed were all full of bloggers and regs that couldn't stay logged in, disconnected and couldn't log back on multiple times, you name it - just a huge technical disaster and fuckup all the way around.

I mean, it looked like the same number of players registered (149 vs. 144) - so why the site has such a hard time keeping players logged in... I mean, you wouldn't put up with this in a free Facebook game, much less a subscription model site... You are paying for the site to run RELIABLE tournaments, after all.

But that wasn't the worst of it. Poker players are whiners, let's be honest. The lobby chat was whiny, no doubt. And, I noticed that one change from the first tournament was that free accounts, like mine, can't chat - that's a feature reserved for paying subscribers - so I had no way of adding in my two cents or feedback to the mix

That doesn't mean the solution is that lobby chat should be turned off at the administrator's request - which is essentially saying, "We don't give a fuck what you say, you're too annoying, we have your mobneys, and we can't fix it anyway, go piss off."

Imagine Stars EVER doing this to their players.
Hell, FTP wasn't even that unresponsive while they still had a site ;-)

So, before anything else, this needs to be said.


With that in mind, the tourney. Finished 40/149.

Nothing that notable. I did flop quads on a Grump board (422) the second hand in, so I still run goot on this site. Then I disconnected about nine million times, finally logged back in and shoved 97s into AQo for about 15BB and got there (who knew when I was going to get a chance to play a hand again?)

Then I ended up running AT into 33 and 55 and not hitting, and A9s into K8 and not holding, and I was down to 800 chips. I did get it back to about 3K by the first break by actually ninja-ing it up pretty good, then doubling through with QQ.

Then nothing but treading water during hour two (and another couple of disconnects), until I shoved QQ into Numbbono's AKo and lost the flip.

Anyhow, I may play more of these Al-sponsored tourneys, but there's no fucking way this site is getting any other action from me unless things change. In retrospect, maybe I was too kind in my evaluation of the Flash-based gaming engine. Flash does suck, after all.


The Poker Meister said...

Good to see you alive. I've become somewhat of a regular in Ctown... We should make plans to meet up there one night.

lightning36 said...

At least you got to play. I was in a few hands and then disconnected until after I was busted.

lightning36 said...

Another blogger who lives in the area and sometimes plays at Ctown is Shelly Hokanson --

The Poker Meister said...

@John - When are you going to make your way out to the east coast? Are you ever going to visit DC? We got close to getting together when I was in Chicago, but at some point, let's meet up!!!