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Friday, July 1, 2011

New Day Rising....

So, what does starting the second half of 2011 bring us?

*** How about a holiday BBT tourney?

Shorter levels this time so the whole thing should last under two hours. I've been a little busy over the last couple of weeks (see below) so I've been a bad advertiser, but I'll try over the weekend to see what we can do and get some peoples out for mixed games...

*** More FTP rollercoaster shenanigans?

One thing pointed out earlier this month is probably in play here. I tweeted about it, but the software/IP attached to FTP is its most(or only)valuable asset now and might actually be worth what is allegedly being paid for it.

Hopefully it bodes well for U.S players. I'd like a few K back in my pocket, plsthx.

For sure, Hoy's post whipped everyone into shape and set the stage for this.

*** And, end scene.

Thursday was finally my last day at work. All in all, I spent over eight years at everyone's favorite online company, AOL. You can shoot me now.

God knows there are all sorts of legitimate and justified reasons to crush the company for everything it did over the last decade, for being a directionless, second rate media company lacking unique, compelling content. However, at the worker bee/front line level I operated in, it was a wonderful place to work with the least amount of friction and workplace annoyance I've ever been around.

Then again, I came from a journalism background, what the wife loves to call "the land of misfit toys" with all sorts of office static, so I may not have the best perspective on this...

Regardless, business models and priorities change, and leaving was long overdue - after all, I was originally cut in March with 90% of my department, brought back a week later, and quickly figured out no one really knew why I was back or what I was supposed to be doing for three months. (#insertfavoritefacepalmhere).

I'm not sure if the AOL/Huffington Post media model has enough maneuvering room and time to boost their ad revenues and traffic to cover expenses and keep everything afloat - I'm not exactly bullish on that - but we all will see.

The upshot of all this is I have about three months worth of salary to float with while I look for a new gig. It means I will probably cut back on this blog and some other distractions (I already blew off Pokermeister on heading out for a live poker run today b/c I have so many loose ends to square away between the job/house/family this weekend.) while I focus on figuring out whatever I'm going to do with myself moving forward.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the holiday weekend with the family.
Tuesday will be odd, free, uplifting and weird all at once.

See you all Sunday. Bonus for recognizing this post's title reference.

1 comment:

Josie said...

Hi Heff!

I'll be camping this weekend with no internet, otherwise I'd def play. I'll be in your next one. It'll be so nice to play with you guys again, even for play money.

Have a nice holiday weekend.