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Friday, June 24, 2011

More LOL Rise-aments.

So I wasn't going to bother with all the freeroll qualifiers for Thursday's WSOP ME satellite on Rise, mainly because I didn't feel like wading through hundreds of chipstacks for one seat like this guy. But, I kept seeing posts on how, if you decided to sign up for a VIP membership, you'd have an automatic entry to the satty. So WTF. It's a two-week trial before you get charged, let's give RISE another shot and see what happens, and after noticing only 2200 players registered Thursday night, I decided to give it a go.

So I signed up for VIP, tried to register for the tourney, and no dice. Didn't work.
A review of Rise's twitter feed and mentions (search rise_poker) is in order:


Today's the day! Our $12,500 World Series Main Event Championship starts at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. All VIP members can play!

@JamesDaBear We always intended that VIP players should be able to play w/o qualifying. We screwed up when the qualifiers were implemented.

@JamesDaBear Again, we screwed up and only realized the error this week. We apologize for our growing pains. This error won't happen again.

@lasvegaspokers You *will* be able to play. Our tech dept will manually add you to the reg list before the tourney starts.

@nowitrocks We are manually adding all VIPs to the tourney. If you're not already on the registration list (pls check) you will be shortly.

@lasvegaspokers @JenShahade All you have to do is sign up for VIP but there was a technical screw-up on our end.

@lasvegaspokers @JenShahade We are manually adding VIPs as a result. We are on the phone with tech right now to make sure it happens.

@JenShahade @lasvegaspokers Tech assured me 2 minutes ago that every VIP *will* be added to the reg list manually. Good luck in the tourney!

If you signed up for VIP but got shut out of the WSOP tourney pls email with your RISE name and email.

Correction on email address--contact


Basically, you finally pitch a tournament that was advertised as qualifiers only for weeks, as something now open to all VIPs.

You do this for two days or so, finally figure out that VIPs aren't being auto-entered, but can't technically puzzle out how to fix it with an hour's worth of notice.

When you are alerted that people didn't make the tournament - you say you will email people (which hasn't happened), then instead put out an email address seeking contact (passive response) - which is wrong and has to be corrected.

This makes FTP support look supergenius.

I could give Rise credit for having a Twitter presence that looks like it really tried to be proactive and customer-friendly - or rip all of this as a ploy to gather more VIP signups and credit card information w/o actually delivering anything.

The truth, as always, is somewhere in between.

But actually backing this kind of innocent yet bumbling incompetence for $20/month? No thank you.

I just went ahead and cancelled that membership around 9:10.


Of course, the Merge experiment finally fell off a cliff where I dropped like all the profit (six BI) in the span of 500 cash hands by playing bad and running worse. If I didn't run into the top of someone's range, I got it in good and got three outed. I should have stopped the bleeding halfway through, but since it's play money anyway, I figured I was either going to double back up to where I was or flatline - and thus I'm back where I started...

There are other crazy life things happening as the month closes. Maybe I'll know more next week.

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