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Friday, June 3, 2011

Rise against wha? More BBT in Exile too...

In the pokah for free realm this week..

-Yes, I have taken the RISE Poker plunge... Ran a freeroll last night for 15 minutes and played so lol awesome NOT. Played a couple of quick SnGs... And um, look, I know they're trying to push a subscription online poker site, there's quite a few bloggers doing some work for them at the WSOP, I really hope they succeed...

But the software is just dreadful. I mean, it's borderline unplayable. Maybe if I was a VIP member and didn't have the ads flying around, that would help - but even then...

Look, as much as everyone wants to crush Full Tilt now, the one thing they always had going for them was a friendly, fun, inviting user interface. It sounded fun, looked good, was customizable - and even though many people complained about lag, I never experienced it. The software worked - it was pleasant to use.

I've had moments where I couldn't type a numerical bet into RISE - the dialog box wouldn't work. Nothing feels like it's where it should be, from the labels and menus to the controls at the tables. I can't find a MTT structure anywhere. Dragging a window around the screen makes it vibrate like an earthquake's hit. The lobby's horrible - and don't try to flip through any list that's more than 20 deep...

Basically, the RISE software does everything to make me want to uninstall it at the slightest drop of a hat. It makes Bodog look good. Merge is so mediocre, and it's ridiculously better than this. I hopehopehope it gets better. It has to.

Put it this way, I'm going to wait and see before dropping $20/month on RISE, and this is from a donk that tossed moneys onto Merge... And none of this even addresses the kind of players you run into on a freeroll site - subscription sites should be able to work long-term, but not like this.

-Played a pseudo-Dank/Mookie Wednesday with 9-10 runners and won that. Ended up with a very loud and cranky daughter that wouldn't sleep throughout the night, so didn't really chat or listen in to anything during the tourney. Still was nice to drop in and play a Stars Home Game...

-Which is a segue to this: yes, this Sunday is another BBT in Exile event.

I haven't pimped it that much at all, so I don't expect numbers to be too big. Bigger stacks with quicker levels, so hopefully the end game moves faster than the last NLHE tourney we ran. I will try and publicize effectively over the next few days.

Now in real poker news....

-Merge experiment is going well. Running smooth, sir.... Hope to get out live again soon, whether it be to AC for an Ante Up meet up or out to Charles Town sometime in June.

-I know I will buy a piece of a blogger for a live tournament and be rewarded soon. I can sense it... ;-)

-The whole Ivey/FTP debacle... sigh. The lawsuit is something he has to do for a number of reasons - and player cashouts is like #206 on the list - but it will make those cashouts harder if they ever come. Brilliant PR move, though, even if it doesn't accomplish anything of merit...

FTP's pissant response, though, makes me wonder if their PR department consists of one angry twentysomething chick who just got dumped by her man and SHE BE ONE BITTER BITCH BABY! I mean, you are (or were) a multi-milliondollar company. This is your professional, measured response? Really?

Anyhow - it all makes for some random times.

In someways, poker, especially at the WSOP (nicely large fields for the early events, almost live-streaming on ESPN3, the improved production/FT setup) seems like it's never been better, but there's always that sketch underneath the surface to remind you this isn't all for fun - that's there's big $$$, and the greed to snag/milk/steal as much of it as you can, driving it all.

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