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Sunday, June 12, 2011

catching up, profit time....

*So it was nice - I finally made a short-term investment backing a blogger in a live tourney that paid off as NumbBono cashed in the $1500 HORSE tourney at the Rio over the weekend. Man can nurse a stack far deeper than anyone should be able to - well done on his part.

*More and more I'm wondering if the increased WSOP entry numbers are the classic dead cat bounce as everyone scrapes up the last of their bankrolls for one final push.

*I did run the BBT in Exile #3 tourney last weekend - and it was pretty obvious that I wasn't paying attention at all b/c I donked off 60BB preflop in an obvious 80/20 spot by four-bet jamming fives or something stupid like that right into Kings to Gigli out.

1) NumbBono
2) wolfshead
3) CEMfromMD
4) PinkyStin771
5) xkm1245
6) FullHouse538
7) SmBoatDrinks
8) KingDonk himself.

Thanks to all that came out - accelerated structure got it done in just over 40 minutes, which is a little too fast but closer to right - I think I'm going to just keep this a once a month deal on the first Sunday night - and make it a mix game, simply because 1) that's probably the right amount of interest we can sustain over time and 2) everyone can play NLHE whenever they want, you can't always generate mix games, and that should make the tourneys a little more notable and unique.

After that spewage, I ended up focusing a lot more on the Merge experiment - where I'm still managing to spin that imaginary bankroll up pretty consistently - I really thought I'd run into... I don't know, better/more solid/not so predictable play, but the games are nothing like they were pre-Black Friday at the levels I'm running - $20-30 SnGs, $10-20 MTTs, $50 cash tables. It probably makes me think I'm better than I actually am.

*Both the NBA and NHL Finals have been nothing short of awesome, especially since I have nothing invested in any of the teams and can just appreciate the games w/o the horror of watching my team go busto.

*For anyone who actually remembers - Supposedly my return to the job runs out at the end of the month. I have no idea if that will actually happen. Maybe I go permanent, maybe I just hang out another few months, maybe I get to take my original severance and have three months to find another gig. The fact I'm completely ambivalent to any or all of these scenarios isn't a great sign.

What I do know is that my wedding anniversary is this week - and by the end of the week the house will be filled with the mother-in-law and niece/nephew on a summer visit, one wife, three kids, one nanny, three cats - and one dude just trying to survive and puzzle it all out... :-)


The Poker Meister said...

Time for a DP or Charlestown trip? After my GMAT on Saturday, I'm up for it!

lightning36 said...

When I tried to get on PokerStars this weekend I kept getting an error message that I could not update. Don't know why. Downloaded, but that is not the same thing. Anyway, I couldn't therefore get to the BBT in Exile game.

I wonder if anyone else had that problem?

Heffmike said...

Odd, I hadn't noticed any glitches updating Stars - my software has been fine. The .net install should still access home games.

I believe it will be time for another card junket soon enough...