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Friday, May 13, 2011

phoenix time...

News and notes:

**LOL Blogger for being down for half day and eating posts since some Wednesday maintenance. Oopsie.

**Ron Swanson fucking rocks:

**Yeah, I'm trying play money MTTs again for the blogger nation.
This time an 8-game on Stars Sunday night. Details here....

As it's 8-game and I'm sure a lot of people came out to game #1 for Last Call, as it were, I'd be surprised if there was more than one table for this. But you tell me where else you can play a mixed game MTT right now for less than four figures?

**It's annoying that FTP still can't puzzle out where all their player vs. operational funds are - I would figure cashouts should happen by the WSOP next month, if only to quell all the griping and chatter that would happen if they end up weeks behind Stars in getting moneys back to players. I still believe funds are coming, so I'm not that worried yet... at least I haven't had money on UB since 2007, so I really don't care about the angleshooting scum that run that company.

**In the meantime, I've managed to get a small amount of funds onto Merge - nothing I won't miss if it vanishes tomorrow - and have started playing again, mostly $5-10 tourneys, SnGs and some $25NL and PLO8 tables.

Won a SnG last night, final tabled a $3 turbo - 4th of 100 - for $24 (payout structures are too flat and blow) and am basically just screwing around for enjoyment's sake more than anything else, and to keep the rust off my game.

It's a refreshing change of pace - no notes or history with anyone, everyone's a random, I've even got a different screenname - so it's like being born again, now I'm just another anonymous momo....

Software's OK, game selection sucks, players seem fairly straightforward - and are probably better than your average online donk at this point - but it's not what it used to be by a long shot. I haven't run into anything I can't handle at the low buyin levels I'm playing - but I'd shoot myself if I had to play higher there for a living.


Wolfshead said...

Don't believe I don't have enough chips to register. Playing some silly assed play money game to eithe lose enough to rebuy or win enough to enter. Either way i'm there. Is there any last longer pool going and what's the buy in?

Heffmike said...

1) I thought Stars lets you request 1k in Play Money chips if you don't have any, right?

2) No pool as of yet, but I'm happy to keep track of five spots offline and see what goes where.

Wolfshead said...

Yea, they let you rebuy if under a hundred. I was sitting at 490 and think it was 540 to enter. Sat down at a play money table and brought my total up to 1300 in 4 hands so I'm in. If I had been smart I'd have shoved the first hand and just rebought but even in play money games against idiots I can't just play to lose deliberately. i am sick.

cmitch said...

I'm in for any sort of last longer!! PS sn = sportingimag

PokerKy said...

I will miss playing in most of your games on FTP. They were usually enjoyable and entertaining. Especially when Buddy Dank was covering one.
We finally got something going with Feltstars on Sundays and Iron Duke on Tuesdays. If you are all interested drop by and say hello.