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Saturday, May 28, 2011

the grind keeps on and on

and on.

Decided to piddle around in a couple of Lock Poker MTTs tonight.

$11 freezeout with over 300 runners. Finish 4th. Win only 20 buy-ins and feel completely hosed.

At 300/1500/3000 seven-handed, someone opens for 7800, donk threeballs to 18.9K, I flat AA in the cutoff. Folds around, opener jams for 45K total, donk folds, I snap call. Naturally KK hits a King in the door, I could've had a third of the chips in play. Booooooooo.

Other tourney, I crush a $22 FO with 180 runners for a couple of hours and finally stall out near the bubble - and run TT into JJ after it breaks and mincash 15/180 for $40.

So, I should be up +$1K or something, and instead it's just plus $200 or so. PFFFFFTTTT.

People play MTTs weird on Merge. So many insane resteals for 25-40BB effective where the risk/reward just isn't there. Overbet jam flops with one pair. Strange play, but it can be dealt with.

At least I've doubled my deposit. But will I ever see it?

It's a lot easier to play when you don't think you're playing with real mobney.. ;-)

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