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Monday, May 16, 2011

BBT Exile #2, and more silliness

I was pleased and surprised we had almost three full tables for a blogger mixed game Sunday night. It was nice - and I ran like I usually do for a couple of hours - until I ran out of gas at the final table. I open jammed TT fourhanded BvB in unlimited hold them for about 16BB and wolfshead called with A9o.

Flop QQ9. I might actually have this one.

Turn 9.
River Ace.

Pfft. 4/16. Thanks to everyone who came out, though. It's fun to do this.

Next game is June 5th - standard NLHE with deeper stacks (3K) and shorter levels (3 minutes) - reminders will go out as the date gets closer, but I'm planning on doing this the first Sunday of every month until no one shows up...

1- sportingimag
2- wolfshead
3- yestbay1
4- heffmike
5- xkm1245
6- PinkyStin771
7- PokerBrian22
8- SmBoatDrinks
9- lightning36
10-the mortal 1

In other news, Full Tilt continues to a be a textbook example of how NOT to communicate with your best customers in the 21st century. While I still believe that U.S players will get cashed out at some point in 2011, with the rapid PokerStars cashouts and the WSOP starting next month - players want some transparency and legitimate answers.

You give the people Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, they get pissed.

Regardless of the situation, the communication, to not only the frequent players at 2+2, but the rest of the U.S. market that doesn't visit an internet poker board, has been dreadful.

it will shake down in a simple fashion, but I'm not so sure anymore.

Declaring that FTP points will be redeemed in merchandise, not straight cash bonuses like Stars declared, is a huge red flag IMO. Smarter people than me say that things should still be fine, but we shall see.

1 comment:

Wolfshead said...

Thanks it was fun. Sorry about that A-9, since we were short handed and hi blinds I figured you were making a move. and it was A-9s, thyat makes it a whole 2.8% better