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Thursday, January 20, 2011

yeah, again. cloud is still overhead.

playing an over three hour Mookie/Dank/whatever it's called now is not amusing when you finish first loser AGAIN after playing heads up for over 30 minutes....

...especially when you're up 4-1 in chips twice and can't quite close the deal b/c everytime you're set for the knockout blow, villain finds a hand with less than 10BB and you double him up.

* openjam A6 on button, he wakes up with A9, flop 567, turn 8.
* openlimp K8 with the intention of calling a 7BB shove, call and see 66, flop 6xx, turn K.
* have T7 in a limped pot for 14BB effective, flop T98, lede from the blind/stack off to a shove right into... QQ. I do not get there and it's over one hand later.

...especially when it's JOELPOKERGOD. Who actually does play a decent enough game, once you get past all the mind game chit-chat and erratic betting. But still, I let him off too easy, toyed around too much instead dictating the action.

Xerox the story: I accumulate mad chips again, fail to keep the pedal down again, play too patiently again, let it go again. This has GOT to stop sometime soon.

The three hours before that were full of such silly play by me - I get it in behind and get there, I call shoves when obviously in bad shape - then I managed to go from FT short stack to crushing with 1/2 the chips five-handed by catching every hand and flop.

Anyhow, I guess I'm going to try this Donkey Island out. Never let it be said I don't give back to the blogger nation - that $20 is as good as gone - I mean, I've NEVER watched an episode of Survivor ever. I heard it was just like LOST and didn't want to confuse myself keeping track of two different shows...

In other news: Docs finally figured out I herniated a disc in my back a couple of months ago for some unknown reason, and their recommendation is just to let time settle it out and the body will heal itself. Which it's doing - but hurry up - I can feel myself growing a pot and really need to get back to some kind of active gym work, but anything over a light jog starts irritating everything at this point.

Probably need to transfer poker patience to life patience for maximum results.

1 comment:

Josie said...

Wow, you are consistent, you bastid! Frigging knocked me out. I will kick you in your herniated disc!

Congrats on the cash. :)