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Friday, January 21, 2011

so so so ridiculous...

another ROD $24+2. Final Table.

I play up and down, but start crushing and getting a stack.

I get HU with a 3-1 chip lead. I'm up 300K to 90K at 4k/8k/1k when we start. All 5 hands follow.

*I have 43o on the button and fold. (I just jammed A8 into QQ and rivered the Ace to take out the third player, so I dump it.)
*I have 97o in the blind and check. I check/fold a 824 two heart flop.
*I limp 63o on the button, villain jams 12BB, I fold.
*I have ATs in the blind, villain minraises, I pot, they jam, I call. Hey, they have AKo, I do not get there.
*I have K2o on the button for 15BB and jam, get snap called by KTo (srsly, dominated two hands in a row). Flop has a 2 (yay), Turn has a T (of course), FIRST LOSER AGAIN....

$800 profit is nice.... BUT WTF< AM I ALLOWED TO WIN A TOURNAMENT OR NOT?????

Going oh-for-five at that point is oh-so-nice.


Josie said...

Wahhhh Poor Heff won $800. :P

Congrats Man! Nicely done!

Dontcha hate it when you have an ace and the villian has AK? That happened to me in the mook! (as you may remember)

lightning36 said...

I would certainly consider it a moral and financial victory. Wish I was doing as "poorly" as you! If your ego needs a win, challenge Josie to another round of HU matches ...

Heffmike said...

well, I just hope I get to have as broken a heart as you in 20 years when BabyGirlHeff leaves the nest...

Josie said...

$800 HU match? :) Come on!

SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. You are really bad HU. You think you would improve with all the practice you have been getting.