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Saturday, January 29, 2011

hardest, longest grind EVER.

It took over four hours, and the last tourney of a 24-event season - but I FINALLY got that fourth banana.

Boy o boy did I grind this one out. Short stacked most of the final two tables, really had to pick my spots, make some tough laydowns and borderline moves. If I wasn't trying so hard, I'd have punted my stack way way earlier, but I was really motivated to play well and get there.

Best part - I was down almost 5-1 in chips HU and got it all back in the LO8 rotation with nine scoops in a row FTW. Yay split pot games.

So I finally didn't finish first loser, tie the series all-time lead at four bananas, and make the TOC next Saturday.

20 players for a $500 freeroll in another 8-game tourney. I likes that.

1 comment:

Josie said...

Wow Congrats Dude. You are Top banana. Wish I was watching HU.