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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

current results not in line with actual ability (hopefully)

So I'm not the best blogger tourney player this week.

PokerSlut LHE - I get impatient and way too aggressive at tournament limit. I had a decent chip lead early until I ran into AA blind v. blind, and then I decided to push buttons and monkey off my stack in obvious spots. Done like 11/12 or something like that. Stupid.

Turbo Spewday - When I raise AA/KK, no action. When I raise something else, I get played back at. Standard.

Manage to tread water and get something going at the final table until a guy opens limps the hijack sixhanded with 15BB, which is a HUGE RED FLAG.

I check ATs in the big blind, c/c a A25 flop, but manage to stack off on a 9 turn that misses the flush draw - and see AQo.

So freaking obvious. I could call a second barrel and the river would have probably checked through (J completing the flush) and at least I still would have had a workable stack. Of course, call/call/call three streets is even sillier.... Anyway, ul, obv - or just unable to trust a read and stick with it.

I jam 5BB into VeryJosie with A9s and have her dominated but A8s spikes on the flop and I'm done 6/13.

Superturbo - God they're like silly crack. I thought I was registered, realized I wasn't, then late registered with four players left - so I basically came in on the money bubble like the biggest angle shot ever. Three hands later I jam 55 into A3 and Goat's AK, don't hold, and bubble anyway. 4/9.

You're welcome, Goat. Six minutes, Doug E. Goat, you're on....
There's one last AIPS this Saturday to make that series' TOC - of course, with three first loser finishes and five final tables this year, it's my own fault for not getting there.

I've also managed to miss the first two WBCOOP freerolls due to life... but at least Wednesday's PLO8 tourney is during Mook time, so I shouldn't forget to register for that one.

At least I've had a solid tourney/cash month - for once in the black in both phases - and that's a nice feeling....

1 comment:

Josie said...

Funny, that I took your place as fist loser. :)