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Thursday, January 6, 2011

and it's back - Susan Lucci all in this house...

Cliffs: First loser in Very Josie again. Srsly. That's like 2-3 times now?

So I doubleshot the Very Josie and the Mookie/Dank. 20 runners in both.

I'm really paying more attention to BabyGirlHeff and Top Chef on Bravo (Jamie is the ultimate ROACH) and have an unevenful hour one, but make the final table in the VJ. I claim Lightning's bounty with this really, really bad call and suckout...

Blinds 100/200, we're still nine-handed, I've got 4K in the big blind with Ks6s.
xkm1245 limps UTG, josie completes in the SB, I check. They both have less than 3K.
Flop KT9r, Josie checks, I check (though I should bet, but UTG limps with less than 15BB are sketchy to me) xkm checks.
Turn 8s, giving me a flush draw. Josie leads pot for 600, I flat, xkm jams, Josie jams... and I make a pretty shady call, inspired by MiamiDon, getting 3-1.

heffmike: guess I'll do a don.
heffmike calls 2,000
xkm1245 shows [8c 9c]
veryjosie shows [4s As]
heffmike shows [Ks 6s]

Oops. Thought I had spades covered, obviously.

*** RIVER *** [Ts 9h Kh 8s] [6c]

Big time BINK for an 8K pot. I reproduce relevant chat because I can.

veryjosie (Observer): grrrr
xkm1245 (Observer): god you're @!&$ing awesome
veryjosie (Observer): i needed a spade
heffmike: whee. and lightning owes me
veryjosie (Observer): lol
veryjosie (Observer): bastid
veryjosie (Observer): i shoulda folded
veryjosie (Observer): u def shoulda folded
heffmike: I'm just waiting for xkm to yell at me some more
xkm1245 (Observer): trying to figure out if i need two hands for your outs.
veryjosie (Observer): lol
xkm1245 (Observer): i don't, right? you called with 5 outs?
heffmike: YES> you want that. remember how this works?
xkm1245 (Observer): did i say i didn't want it?

lightning36 (Observer): *yawn* This is still going on? lol
heffmike: you owes me dude.
heffmike: I play bad and get there.
lightning36 (Observer): YOU knocked her out?
veryjosie (Observer): ya
veryjosie (Observer): he fricking did
heffmike: yeah, I hit like a one outer or something, ask xkm.
lightning36 (Observer): On a bad beat?
veryjosie (Observer): i made one dumb move
heffmike: I think I was drawing dead on the flop and got there.
veryjosie (Observer): would been brilliant if i sucked out
veryjosie (Observer): instead heff sucked out
xkm1245 (Observer): you're such a whiny @%%& all the #!!%ing time
lightning36 (Observer): EXCELLENT !!!
xkm1245 (Observer): i didn't say a #$#$ing word
veryjosie (Observer): NOOO not fricking excellent
veryjosie (Observer): ya
veryjosie (Observer): leave xkm alone
heffmike: am I. I'm not the one dropping F bombs all over the place. this must be hoy's second account
xkm1245 (Observer): but like a little !$#@ing %#&% you have to open your &%#!ing piehole
xkm1245 (Observer): does anybody like you mike?
lightning36 (Observer): I do
heffmike: wife. kids. coworkers. family.
heffmike: I'm happy. are you?
xkm1245 (Observer): i will be if you stop being a @!!!ing db

Anyhow, somehow I end up HU with gpjacobs down 3-1, but I actually manage to pull almost even in chips with 50BB stacks.

Then I raise A5o on my button, get threebet, call, and have him donk pot into me on a AT3 two spade flop... and I fold like a girl. He almost certainly has a better Ace or a huge draw I'm flipping against. Probably should have called and chopped the pot.

Four hands, later, I raise my button again with QJo, get called. Flop 983 two hearts, I get donked into pot again, but this time I raise pot with my overs and gutterball - and get called. Oops again. Turn is an Ace, and I'm really fucked now but call off my last 6BB anyway and see A8o for a turned two pair. I don't spike this time and lose, deservedly so. But, I'll take $48+8 for four KOs....

Mookie was like a disaster where nothing happened, I spewed like an idiot, eventually I reshoved K5s into AA and 66 and was out 13/20. Pfft.

Still deliberating the whole withdraw mobney offline vs. play more decision - this doesn't make it any easier...


Josie said...

OH MY God but you suck. SUCK. I know see how wise XKM is. :P

Gary said...

You played well. And if the last hand were reversed, and I had the 12 outs post-flop, I'd strongly consider doing the exact same thing - especially if I didn't think you had anything. So, like I said, well played, look forward to doing battle again.