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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

almost again - and we hate JailedFISHY.

So I came THIS close to taking down a $24+2 Rush On Demand for over a K last night.

I limp, JailedFISHY raises, I jam Ace-rag for 20BB b/c I KNOW IT'S THE BEST HAND... and JailedFISHY calls off dominated with Jack-high.
Freaking RNG.

Here's what was really bad - we get HU and I'm down 3-1, but I immediately offer a deal just to see the reaction. Nothing happens, but JailedFISHY is really bad and spewy, so it's easy to lock down, reraise for value and soon enough we're almost even in chips.

Then the deal box comes up. And this muppet says he can't submit a deal. JailedFISHY tries for 10 minutes. Finally JailedFISHY figures out how to pass control to me, and I can submit an ICM deal in 5 seconds - and it gets rejected. Multiple times. JailedFISHY claims he can't accept, like the button is greyed out or whatever.

So I say, let's play one more hand and try again.
JailedFISHY minraises his button.

Now I feel like I'm either getting angleshot, intentionally tilted, or playing an actual poo-flinging monkey. (I checked later on OPR. Dude has less than 100 MTTs since December, basically can't play dead and just tripled his lifetime winnings. He might just be stupid.)

I reclick the deal box, jam my Ax, get a snapfold from JailedFISHY, and try again - This time I can submit a deal first b/c I have a chip lead - and it gets rejected again. OK, whatever. I just played a smart, patient game and waited for him to spew off his stack - which he did, so the plan was good - the results just didn't follow. Basically shorted me $200 in the deal, at least.

Like almost every deep run, of course I caught some luck too - jammed 99 into KK near the cash bubble and four-flushed the river... But I had such a great feeling about this one - especially because I finally snapped a 0/20 SNG/MTT slide with 4-5 bubbles - ARRRRGH.

There's an AIPS Wednesday night. Maybe one time I don't finish second...


Josie said...

That's some crazy stuff. Congrats on the cash.

Can anyone play this aips thingy?

Heffmike said...

Sure, check the link on the sidebar, or look up Ante Up Magazine on FB.

It's on Stars, though.