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Monday, January 31, 2011

as usual, Goat slays...

with the program for all Donkey Island followers. Much chuckles in there.

In other quick updates, finished 3/9 in PLO PokerSlut. Built a huge stack, then boned myself three-handed in three standard four-card bingo spots to dust those chips off to Snuffy. Pfft.

Otherwise, life is life. I have no profound statements. Except this was really weird.

This is what you get when you watch Yo Gabba Gabba with 1-year olds....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

hardest, longest grind EVER.

It took over four hours, and the last tourney of a 24-event season - but I FINALLY got that fourth banana.

Boy o boy did I grind this one out. Short stacked most of the final two tables, really had to pick my spots, make some tough laydowns and borderline moves. If I wasn't trying so hard, I'd have punted my stack way way earlier, but I was really motivated to play well and get there.

Best part - I was down almost 5-1 in chips HU and got it all back in the LO8 rotation with nine scoops in a row FTW. Yay split pot games.

So I finally didn't finish first loser, tie the series all-time lead at four bananas, and make the TOC next Saturday.

20 players for a $500 freeroll in another 8-game tourney. I likes that.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

well, that was pleasant.

Power went out 7pm Wednesday for, oh, over 24 hours due to snowpocalypse.

Missed two more WBCOOP events, 0-fer so far.
Missed Mookie/Dank/VeryJosie winner.
Missed Top Chef.

Luckily, this tree missed the house. It's been wanting to go since last winter's blizzard.

At least I played poker and Risk with the kids last night while we sat in the dark and they were amused.

Stepdaughter from this post managed to limp in with 42o four-handed, flop bottom two, turn a boat, and get paid off by both her brothers after I called her hand. Obv inspired by the Grump.

At least things are warming up now. One little fireplace does not heat an entire house.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

current results not in line with actual ability (hopefully)

So I'm not the best blogger tourney player this week.

PokerSlut LHE - I get impatient and way too aggressive at tournament limit. I had a decent chip lead early until I ran into AA blind v. blind, and then I decided to push buttons and monkey off my stack in obvious spots. Done like 11/12 or something like that. Stupid.

Turbo Spewday - When I raise AA/KK, no action. When I raise something else, I get played back at. Standard.

Manage to tread water and get something going at the final table until a guy opens limps the hijack sixhanded with 15BB, which is a HUGE RED FLAG.

I check ATs in the big blind, c/c a A25 flop, but manage to stack off on a 9 turn that misses the flush draw - and see AQo.

So freaking obvious. I could call a second barrel and the river would have probably checked through (J completing the flush) and at least I still would have had a workable stack. Of course, call/call/call three streets is even sillier.... Anyway, ul, obv - or just unable to trust a read and stick with it.

I jam 5BB into VeryJosie with A9s and have her dominated but A8s spikes on the flop and I'm done 6/13.

Superturbo - God they're like silly crack. I thought I was registered, realized I wasn't, then late registered with four players left - so I basically came in on the money bubble like the biggest angle shot ever. Three hands later I jam 55 into A3 and Goat's AK, don't hold, and bubble anyway. 4/9.

You're welcome, Goat. Six minutes, Doug E. Goat, you're on....
There's one last AIPS this Saturday to make that series' TOC - of course, with three first loser finishes and five final tables this year, it's my own fault for not getting there.

I've also managed to miss the first two WBCOOP freerolls due to life... but at least Wednesday's PLO8 tourney is during Mook time, so I shouldn't forget to register for that one.

At least I've had a solid tourney/cash month - for once in the black in both phases - and that's a nice feeling....

quickie pimp - spew tonight.

Extenuating circumstances, but hey, that'll happen. Play anyway.

Friday, January 21, 2011

so so so ridiculous...

another ROD $24+2. Final Table.

I play up and down, but start crushing and getting a stack.

I get HU with a 3-1 chip lead. I'm up 300K to 90K at 4k/8k/1k when we start. All 5 hands follow.

*I have 43o on the button and fold. (I just jammed A8 into QQ and rivered the Ace to take out the third player, so I dump it.)
*I have 97o in the blind and check. I check/fold a 824 two heart flop.
*I limp 63o on the button, villain jams 12BB, I fold.
*I have ATs in the blind, villain minraises, I pot, they jam, I call. Hey, they have AKo, I do not get there.
*I have K2o on the button for 15BB and jam, get snap called by KTo (srsly, dominated two hands in a row). Flop has a 2 (yay), Turn has a T (of course), FIRST LOSER AGAIN....

$800 profit is nice.... BUT WTF< AM I ALLOWED TO WIN A TOURNAMENT OR NOT?????

Going oh-for-five at that point is oh-so-nice.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

yeah, again. cloud is still overhead.

playing an over three hour Mookie/Dank/whatever it's called now is not amusing when you finish first loser AGAIN after playing heads up for over 30 minutes....

...especially when you're up 4-1 in chips twice and can't quite close the deal b/c everytime you're set for the knockout blow, villain finds a hand with less than 10BB and you double him up.

* openjam A6 on button, he wakes up with A9, flop 567, turn 8.
* openlimp K8 with the intention of calling a 7BB shove, call and see 66, flop 6xx, turn K.
* have T7 in a limped pot for 14BB effective, flop T98, lede from the blind/stack off to a shove right into... QQ. I do not get there and it's over one hand later.

...especially when it's JOELPOKERGOD. Who actually does play a decent enough game, once you get past all the mind game chit-chat and erratic betting. But still, I let him off too easy, toyed around too much instead dictating the action.

Xerox the story: I accumulate mad chips again, fail to keep the pedal down again, play too patiently again, let it go again. This has GOT to stop sometime soon.

The three hours before that were full of such silly play by me - I get it in behind and get there, I call shoves when obviously in bad shape - then I managed to go from FT short stack to crushing with 1/2 the chips five-handed by catching every hand and flop.

Anyhow, I guess I'm going to try this Donkey Island out. Never let it be said I don't give back to the blogger nation - that $20 is as good as gone - I mean, I've NEVER watched an episode of Survivor ever. I heard it was just like LOST and didn't want to confuse myself keeping track of two different shows...

In other news: Docs finally figured out I herniated a disc in my back a couple of months ago for some unknown reason, and their recommendation is just to let time settle it out and the body will heal itself. Which it's doing - but hurry up - I can feel myself growing a pot and really need to get back to some kind of active gym work, but anything over a light jog starts irritating everything at this point.

Probably need to transfer poker patience to life patience for maximum results.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

one pair does not mean shove/call shove.

Overplayed TPTK against overpairs last night in AIPS and Mookie play and basically knew I was stacking off with bluff catchers but did it anyway. Nowhere near cash moneys, honestly played pretty bleh and just went through the motions. When you hit the call button thinking, "I either will have a big tourney-leading stack, or be done and not have to come back after break..." - that's a silly place to be.

Still a little annoyed over the whole deal clownishness from the other night. Probably should play more ROD tourneys, as they seem like a better value than the 90-mans I do pretty well in, even if you wouldn't necessarily final table them as much. I will have to run a few sets and see.

Big time painting and renovating weekend in the basement. Good times all around.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

almost again - and we hate JailedFISHY.

So I came THIS close to taking down a $24+2 Rush On Demand for over a K last night.

I limp, JailedFISHY raises, I jam Ace-rag for 20BB b/c I KNOW IT'S THE BEST HAND... and JailedFISHY calls off dominated with Jack-high.
Freaking RNG.

Here's what was really bad - we get HU and I'm down 3-1, but I immediately offer a deal just to see the reaction. Nothing happens, but JailedFISHY is really bad and spewy, so it's easy to lock down, reraise for value and soon enough we're almost even in chips.

Then the deal box comes up. And this muppet says he can't submit a deal. JailedFISHY tries for 10 minutes. Finally JailedFISHY figures out how to pass control to me, and I can submit an ICM deal in 5 seconds - and it gets rejected. Multiple times. JailedFISHY claims he can't accept, like the button is greyed out or whatever.

So I say, let's play one more hand and try again.
JailedFISHY minraises his button.

Now I feel like I'm either getting angleshot, intentionally tilted, or playing an actual poo-flinging monkey. (I checked later on OPR. Dude has less than 100 MTTs since December, basically can't play dead and just tripled his lifetime winnings. He might just be stupid.)

I reclick the deal box, jam my Ax, get a snapfold from JailedFISHY, and try again - This time I can submit a deal first b/c I have a chip lead - and it gets rejected again. OK, whatever. I just played a smart, patient game and waited for him to spew off his stack - which he did, so the plan was good - the results just didn't follow. Basically shorted me $200 in the deal, at least.

Like almost every deep run, of course I caught some luck too - jammed 99 into KK near the cash bubble and four-flushed the river... But I had such a great feeling about this one - especially because I finally snapped a 0/20 SNG/MTT slide with 4-5 bubbles - ARRRRGH.

There's an AIPS Wednesday night. Maybe one time I don't finish second...

Monday, January 10, 2011

now this is Wile E. Coyote supergenius,,,

Not sure how well this will sustain with online poker's cloudy future - but paralleling how everyone handles fantasy sports (offline payouts, online statkeeping and play among a small group that knows each other) seems like a savvy move to make, at least keep your brand viable...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

and it's back - Susan Lucci all in this house...

Cliffs: First loser in Very Josie again. Srsly. That's like 2-3 times now?

So I doubleshot the Very Josie and the Mookie/Dank. 20 runners in both.

I'm really paying more attention to BabyGirlHeff and Top Chef on Bravo (Jamie is the ultimate ROACH) and have an unevenful hour one, but make the final table in the VJ. I claim Lightning's bounty with this really, really bad call and suckout...

Blinds 100/200, we're still nine-handed, I've got 4K in the big blind with Ks6s.
xkm1245 limps UTG, josie completes in the SB, I check. They both have less than 3K.
Flop KT9r, Josie checks, I check (though I should bet, but UTG limps with less than 15BB are sketchy to me) xkm checks.
Turn 8s, giving me a flush draw. Josie leads pot for 600, I flat, xkm jams, Josie jams... and I make a pretty shady call, inspired by MiamiDon, getting 3-1.

heffmike: guess I'll do a don.
heffmike calls 2,000
xkm1245 shows [8c 9c]
veryjosie shows [4s As]
heffmike shows [Ks 6s]

Oops. Thought I had spades covered, obviously.

*** RIVER *** [Ts 9h Kh 8s] [6c]

Big time BINK for an 8K pot. I reproduce relevant chat because I can.

veryjosie (Observer): grrrr
xkm1245 (Observer): god you're @!&$ing awesome
veryjosie (Observer): i needed a spade
heffmike: whee. and lightning owes me
veryjosie (Observer): lol
veryjosie (Observer): bastid
veryjosie (Observer): i shoulda folded
veryjosie (Observer): u def shoulda folded
heffmike: I'm just waiting for xkm to yell at me some more
xkm1245 (Observer): trying to figure out if i need two hands for your outs.
veryjosie (Observer): lol
xkm1245 (Observer): i don't, right? you called with 5 outs?
heffmike: YES> you want that. remember how this works?
xkm1245 (Observer): did i say i didn't want it?

lightning36 (Observer): *yawn* This is still going on? lol
heffmike: you owes me dude.
heffmike: I play bad and get there.
lightning36 (Observer): YOU knocked her out?
veryjosie (Observer): ya
veryjosie (Observer): he fricking did
heffmike: yeah, I hit like a one outer or something, ask xkm.
lightning36 (Observer): On a bad beat?
veryjosie (Observer): i made one dumb move
heffmike: I think I was drawing dead on the flop and got there.
veryjosie (Observer): would been brilliant if i sucked out
veryjosie (Observer): instead heff sucked out
xkm1245 (Observer): you're such a whiny @%%& all the #!!%ing time
lightning36 (Observer): EXCELLENT !!!
xkm1245 (Observer): i didn't say a #$#$ing word
veryjosie (Observer): NOOO not fricking excellent
veryjosie (Observer): ya
veryjosie (Observer): leave xkm alone
heffmike: am I. I'm not the one dropping F bombs all over the place. this must be hoy's second account
xkm1245 (Observer): but like a little !$#@ing %#&% you have to open your &%#!ing piehole
xkm1245 (Observer): does anybody like you mike?
lightning36 (Observer): I do
heffmike: wife. kids. coworkers. family.
heffmike: I'm happy. are you?
xkm1245 (Observer): i will be if you stop being a @!!!ing db

Anyhow, somehow I end up HU with gpjacobs down 3-1, but I actually manage to pull almost even in chips with 50BB stacks.

Then I raise A5o on my button, get threebet, call, and have him donk pot into me on a AT3 two spade flop... and I fold like a girl. He almost certainly has a better Ace or a huge draw I'm flipping against. Probably should have called and chopped the pot.

Four hands, later, I raise my button again with QJo, get called. Flop 983 two hearts, I get donked into pot again, but this time I raise pot with my overs and gutterball - and get called. Oops again. Turn is an Ace, and I'm really fucked now but call off my last 6BB anyway and see A8o for a turned two pair. I don't spike this time and lose, deservedly so. But, I'll take $48+8 for four KOs....

Mookie was like a disaster where nothing happened, I spewed like an idiot, eventually I reshoved K5s into AA and 66 and was out 13/20. Pfft.

Still deliberating the whole withdraw mobney offline vs. play more decision - this doesn't make it any easier...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

broke first loser jinx - by not playing HU...

Sort of won the PokerSlut Razz tourney.

We cut an ICM deal three-handed, I had the most chips.

Uber GHEY, I know.

I have no doubt I finish second if we took another 30 minutes to play it out.

I was going to deal three handed with predator06 and scottc25/snuffy at the second break - but then BabyGirlHeff started getting ornery, the godawful Seahawks-Rams game was on, I had to pee, the wife needed some water, I realized there were ALL-IMPORTANT POKERSLUT POINTS on the line - and went back to mashing buttons for a few minutes post-break.

I play Razz like such a tight-weak nit - I'm certainly the worst player of the three of us. Of course Razz is a stupid game, which it probably why I'm actually good at it.

Anyhow, sometime soon I'll play a tourney over 20 entrants and make a run that actually means something... I hope.