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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

someday, spewday will not be spew.

Great to see Waffles and Rambler out for once, since I rarely play with them anymore - and I had a lot of fun playing HORSE at Spewday. I sat top5 in chips for most of the first rotation, but started leaking oil once VeryJosie (mojo'd me per usual) was moved to the table, and then got boned in the second razz rotation when I bricked seven draws on fourth street while ahead two hands in a row to drop half my stack.

Finally raised split jacks into waffles' spade draw in Stud and he got there on sixth after we were allin to bounce me 15/20. Sigh. I'm usually really good at blogger rotational games - most of my blogger/BBT wins were in the old Skillz games, after all.

Will try again tomorrow and see what I can do. VJ, maybe Mook, depending on mood.

rush poker arrgh, but you already know this.

had a decent post written up, but the laptop battery ate it by not warning me before running dead. HP FAIL.

so Cliffs:

- Rush Poker is EVIL. Chased bonus points like a moron in a two-hour session at 100NL. Went up 2 buyins, then down 1, then even, then down 3, then finished up ahead $10. I am a variance fiend in cash games.

Someday I'll learn not to three-barrel into trips, or call down three streets in position to see someone river me, or try to catch the river bluff that is always for value.

However, flatting big pairs behind a raiser and backraising/making a flop move does work for making mobney, so I got that working for me. Just generating rakeback, I guess...

- Not only do I spend every morning wondering which unique way my back/hip/legs are going to hurt today, but the last few days have been spent fighting a mini-cholera epidemic at the house. At one point four different people were laid out in various states of ugh/running to bathroom every half-hour. Damn noroviruses or whatever. At least it looks like it's over now...

- Played a live bar poker tournament for the first time in forever this week since my work schedule changed this year. People have gotten much better, shockingly enough. Still finished 3/25 and played pretty damn well, except when I kept paying off river bets with bluff catchers (this may be a pattern)

- Playing Spewday and Very Josie this week and we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sorry about the tumbleweeds...

Holidays can create a lot of distractions, you know... That, and somehow I pissed off a nerve or disc in my back a few weeks ago and have been trying all sorts of medical remedies and tweaks to quit having my leg feel like it's en fuego... Some uberanti-inflammatories and a little PT are attempting to solve the issue, but it's really annoying. At least sitting isn't a problem, it's standing and moving...

Found out after the PLO8 debacle that in Rush MTTs, you can sit out, and you don't get moved to another table until AFTER the hand is completed at your current table... which is kind of a sketchy angleshot for the shortstacks, especially if you can't tell that they're sitting out (Tilt doesn't show you if a player is sitting out until they time out once - and since you don't normally see the same player two tables in a row...) and they get that extra 20-30 seconds without being dealt into a new hand or into a blind...

Half the table was sitting out when I bubbled. If I knew that... well, I'd have sat out too, which would have been great for me, but bad for the game on the whole.

Solution? Well, I mentioned it to support for the future..

1) go hand for hand at the bubble (2-3 players outside it, I was surprised a $322 wasn't going hand for hand, Rush format or not)
2) change the software - when you fold your hand, sitting out or not, get moved to a new table immediately and be dealt into a new hand. None of this buying extra seconds you shouldn't have b/c you autofold.
3) if someone's sitting out, display it underneath the avatar. (this may be the way I set up my tables, so might be my fault to begin with)

But it's FTP support, not Stars, so I'm probably pissing uphill to begin with.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

well, that was a large bubble.

So, cluetime here - Rush PLO8 may not be the best structured FTOPS tournament ever.

Almost popped the bubble before the first break.

Actually, since I play a lot of turbo SnGs and handle a 15-20BB stack pretty well, I didn't mind a structure that wasn't going to ask me to play until midnight just to cash.

No No, instead I was the one who bounced out 15 minutes later ON THE FUCKING BUBBLE and screwed myself out of $500, at least.

I had at least 2-3 pro bounties poof to chops/quarters on the river along the way, too.

So, instead of making a few hundred, put a big -$322 in the stat sheet.

I should have farmed a 2BB stack in at the bubble, but no, I had to stick it in in a multiway spot and not get there. I knew it was a bad idea, but part of me was like, win a pot or two and really try to do something post-bubble to make serious $$.

By the way, having a Rush MTT without antes NOT go hand for hand near the bubble is a complete and utter joke, bottom line. Someone with a 30-chip stack should not be able to cash b/c of randomly being able to avoid the blinds.

Anyway, I'm way tilted. At least that was a shot-taker off of this month's profits, but pfft, it still pisses me off.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Banana efforts whiff again

11/50 in last night's AIPS. Nothing of note. I played, got a decent stack, kept getting three-balled in ick spots, jammed with a pair for 10BB and ran into a bigger one, gg me.

I did manage to luckbox my way into the FTOPS Rush HORSE tourney Thursday night via satellite - so I'll mull over whether or not to burn up $216 doing that.

This, after turning a Step 3 ticket... ...into a Step 3 ticket... and calling off with the jackace in a 90man SnG for 25BB on the bubble, being shown 44, and losing the flip - which I probably deserved anyway, even though I made the right read, b/c it wasn't smart.

I loves me some T.O! Got the 30-odd points I needed and binked a FF win last week.

Otherwise, it's been kind of standard around these parts...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

(no, not a duplicate post) I am the first loser MASTER.

OK, now I'm starting to get steamed. 2/12 in the Pokerslut HORSE tourney Sunday night.

-standard rotational game play - lots of odd holdings showing down in all the rounds.
-survive, get rolling, start accumulating chips once we get shorthanded and near the bubble.
-get HU with a slight chip deficit,
-get boned and go down to 4BB in O8,
- just light everything on fire from there in the rotation and win every single pot because I loves me some fourcardbingo,
- get our villain ELM22 all in and thin a couple of times in stud rounds but can't finish him off,
- flip the chip lead back and forth a few times in over 100 hands.

and finally can't get 34569 with a flush draw to beat one pair and finish second again. Le sigh.

Obviously I will not be specializing in HU SnGs anytime soon. Although, maybe I can run bad in blogger tourneys for $10, $20 and run good in a real MTT for a four figure payjump someday...

WSOP ME stream was certainly entertaining over the weekend. I'm curious how it will be shown Tuesday - despite some stack-punting during the final table, it felt like there was a much higher level and thought process of poker play on display than in the past few years.

I have no preference HU. Neither player really excites me, or looks they'll take the game anywhere out of the ordinary. (No spoilers here, like I should worry about that)

Oh, and all the Texas NFL teams can BLOW. Just killing my FF team - Schaub, AJ, Miles Austin.

When you have to rely on a 30-point night from TO against the Steelers, you know you're drawing thin.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am the first loser MASTER.

And I did it again last night. 2/13 in the Very Josie.

Topped off a run where I binked 1st or 2nd in like six straight SnGs for +$400 - which is nice and completely unsustainable....

Basic wrapup is here - Outside of openjamming 20BB into the hostess BvB fivehanded and having her hero call with 66 for 3/4 of her stack and fading the two outer - nothing that interesting for me. Basically, I never got action with a big hand and had to manufacture a lot of small pots until I doubled through there - and them I kind of got quiet with a big stack and picked my spots, maybe a little too carefully

I started HU with a 2-1 chip lead 50BB deep - and I can honestly say this time I actually played decent for about 60 hands (and what seemed longer than 20 minutes) - and only made a couple of loose moves...

* Jam A4s for 13BB effective, get snapped off by A8. Flop a 4, turn an 8.
* About 22BB stacks, I openraise KJs, Acornman jams AQo, I call off b/c I want to gambool, not because I think it's a good call, and I figure I'm live at least. Flop a J, turn a Q.

GG me. If I'd have known winners were getting shirts, I fold and keep grinding some more. But lesson learned.

Oooh, Tilt has draw games now. Fun, if it wasn't for grinders complaining about rakeback and FTP points all through the thread.