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Saturday, May 1, 2010

random late items:

- Yes, I'm still frosted by the Caps' collapse. Even more of a dagger to see the Pens got four power play goals in Game 1 and chased Halak. Yes, the same Pens that got swept 5-0 by the Caps this season - this regular season. More Brooks Laich, less clownishness, period. New season in five months...

-I noticed that Snuffy's been trying a full-bore assault on the new Steps at FTP this week. I've been running them, but in a much more limited, hit-and-run guerilla fashion, and managed to build up about $75 worth of buyins into a Step 6 and Step 5 ticket. Yay 900% profit that will vanish once I actually play something with the tickets...

-Trying to decide what I should call the Mookie now. After great deliberation, thought, and research taking, oh, about the time I took to type this, I have decided upon...

The Mookie at BDR.

Yeah, really original and catchy.
Peter Angelos is already thinking about lawsuits.
Probably take off like a led zeppelin, ha ha.

-I don't normally see Pokerwolf getting a lot of run in the bloggahworld, but this is a pretty solid and essentially correct read on the BBT5.

See you cats Sunday. I promise to only spew a third of the time; try and guess which third...

1 comment:

Snuffy said...

Thanks for the linkage. I think the best thing to do with the step 6's is to play the 4:30pm Sunday satellite. They guarantee 5 seats but last week I think they gave away 19.

I wish you could use step 5's to get into a satellite to get into the $1k tournament.