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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

maybe I should just play regular tourneys...

AIPS: nothing happened of note, got that 1500 starting stack up to 3000 bit by bit, made the final two tables, had to bet/fold a flop and then jam A8s into JJ to go out 17 of 57.

Mookie: This was another completely unremarkable disaster. I swear, every time I get threebet lately I have the absolute bottom of my range. Just didn't do anything of note, finally decided to jam over the habitual minraiser at the table with 88 and 16BB (I'd done this 3-4 times already) and he finally had a hand with TT. I'm done 66/96, but I made the break again - pfft, joy.

What an complete noshow so far in BBT5. 11 tournies, one cash, one bubble, no final tables.

Funny thing is, everything else I'm running is fine and dandy.

* Ran up two Step 6 tickets on FTP from that $75 investment - which was probably one level too many, as there are a ton of tourneys you can play for a Step 5 $216 ticket - but only the weekly WSOP Sunday satty and the 150-man next month take a Step 6. So I guess I can take two shots and see what happens...

*Turned Stars points into a win and seat in the SCOOP PLO-8 M tourney Thursday afternoon ($109) - so I'll probably run that and the $11 and see what happens. The SCOOP structure is just way too long for anyone with a job/life/infant to deal with, but I'll try with a game I'm strongest at, one I made a deep run in last year.

*SnGs continue to treat me well, especially on FTP. $$$

So unlike last year, where BBT4 propelled me into a pretty good year, I'm basically funding BBT5 with everything else I'm doing. Good thing this series is a lot smaller and costs a ton less.

So, maybe I can actually make something substantial happen tomorrow, even if I never run goot on Stars.


Schaubs said...

Stars sux. They need to listen to the people.

lightning36 said...

My ROI on FT was okay when I was running goot at the beginning of BBT4. After I started faltering ... down, down, down ...