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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hey, I have a small screenshot now.

Well, I either burned up all my rungoot or just set the table for the next few weeks.

Played 3 SnGs before I went to bed.

1/9 in one PLO8 tourney.
3/9 in another, where I went from 66% of chips in play to out in 5 very cooler hands.

And this.

Ended up having to put BabyGirlHeff down in the middle of this run - kind of nice reading her a story about Winnie-the-Pooh's colors while coasting through a 90-man. She fell asleep with about two tables left, and I took it from there.

I did make some nice coolers hold, KK over QQ, AA over 99 on the final table bubble - but had to zig and zag for a while as the short stack four-handed, but we were still deep (I had 20BB) for a 90-man so I had a little bit of time.

I got the worst player at the table to double me up twice (TPNK vs. the flopped nizzles, and an A5s vs. A7o hand where I had the nut flush draw on a AQ7 flop and binked it), went heads up with a slight chip lead, and crushed within 20 hands to finally close out a NLHE tourney for the first time in a while - even in SnGs I usually finish first in PLO8 and second in NLHE.

So, yeah, I'll take +787% ROI for 2 1/2 hours work, sure.

And one other thing - doing this is soooo much easier than taking down a BBT tourney.

Sure, there are still meh players out there - but as a whole, bloggerdom has gotten a LOT better at tournaments over the last few years. Even the worst blogger doesn't make half the mistakes you see at the $20-$50 MTT/SNG level all the time, night after night.

But hopefully I can catch a few boo-boos during

The Mookie at BDR.

and make something great happen as we hit the halfway point of BBT5.


Schaubs said...

Do you just put the laptop beside you while you read her a story?

I would think she might get ddistracted?

Heffmike said...

basically, I turn to the side and hold the book in front of her, and turn to look at the laptop whenever the table dings. It sort of works.

She's not old enough to really pay attention anyway for longer than a minute.