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Thursday, May 13, 2010

hey, four card report...

Long story short, no cashes in either SCOOP PLO8 event.
I'm not even playing past 1030pm. Which is good and bad.

Of note, if you want the long story:

I basically miss the first hour of both tourneys and fire up the tables down to about 4700 of the starting 5K stack.
Things get moving quickly, though. First in the 109.

Villain is SuperNovaElite, but like never plays tournaments.
Hijack limps 40, Villain calls, I raise to 175 from the button with AT62 nut hearts, all fold, villain calls.

Flop 874, two spades, villain ck/calls 300.
Turn Tc, so I have top pair, nut low and a junk gutterball. Villain cks, I bet 600, he raises to 2850, and I figure I'm probably not behind that much given action and read, jam, and see 9753 with spades and a bunch of draws.
River is the 9d and I scoop a 9K pot.

Then in the 11.

Three limps at 25/50, I check from the BB with 9885.
Flop 974 with heart draw. SB leads for 200 pot, I call, two other momos call.
Turn is 6c, so at least I have the second nut straight, SB donks 1K, I flat, all fold.
River is the Ts, so I should still be good, SB check, I value bet 2K, he calls with a flopped set of sevens, no redraws or lows, nice 7K pot for me.

After that, I play just fine, but I really don't get a lot of momentum going, which has been an issue lately in MTTs for me. I can get that initial double up, but can't keep it going past that. It's probably a function of playing so many SnGs, where I don't have to accumulate that many chips to ensure a cash given structures.

Things move along, I get hosed/outplayed/whatever in the 109 by the same SNE..

SNE with 15K stack opens from the cutoff to 210 at 30/60, I flat the button with 8K stack and A763 nut diamonds, SB folds, BB with 5K stack raises to 780, SNE flats, and I feel like I need to call.

Flop 642r, which isn't bad. But the BB donks pot, then SNE repots, which puts me all in.... and I tankfold the current nut low with top pair. I figured one of these guys have me crushed...

But they flip over AT52 and A852 with nothing but backdoor draws and third pair. Sigh.

Turn 3h. Now I feel good for folding, I just got counterfeited.
River 5s. Nice two outer, I'd have the nut high if I punted my stack on the flop. Oh well.

Anyway, I get through the second and third breaks with around an average stack in both tourneys. Hour 4 hoses me in the 11.

I overlimp AKKJ with nut clubs after UTG and UTG+1 both limp for 300, I have 15K to start the hand. Blinds come along, five to a flop.
Flop K72r, checks around to me, I bet 1200 into 1500, blinds fold, both limpers call.
Turn is Jd putting up a diamond draw. Limpers check, I bet 5K into the 5100 pot, UTG tank folds, UTG+1 finally calls - he has me covered to start the hand. So pot's already 15K, I've got about 8500 behind.
River is the Tc and UTG+1 checks... and at first I think I should check behind - and I probably do in the 109, as I really shouldn't get called by anything I beat.
But in the 11, all sorts of hands will end up calling you here, nothing got there but the straight draw, everything else missed... so I jam and get snapped off by AQT3 with three diamonds for the runner-runner Broadway, and I'm dunzo around 2200 of the 7K field

At first I was like, WTF with that turn call... and I can see he has a ton of I guess there's enough equity - but then again, when he hits the low he'll be chopping, I probably won't pay off a flush, when he whiffs the river there goes half his stack for no reason in a limped pot... - so I don't know.
All I know was the guy that grinds $1-3 tourneys like it's his job and is -40% ROI pwned me with a spiked river card. - course he was done in the 1400s and didn't cash either.

In the 109 I make the fourth break and finally get over 15K after the first two hands coming back, then I misplay a hand and drop 4K, before finally going busto here..

UTG with 21K limps 500, I raise to 2K with A632 (probably bad given situation), all fold, UTG flats.
Flop K43 with two clubs, and UTG pots the flop... and I decide to gambool - I have nut low draw and one pair, hey, I have the Ac, so he probably doesn't have a flush draw either - and jam my last 5K on top of the lead. He calls with A942 with a nine-high club draw, and I'm basically boned.
Turn and river blank out, I can't even salvage a quarter of the pot, the pair of fours hold and I'm done 498 of 2041.

Both times, I basically got gambool with good, solid PLO8 holdings in spots where I'm usually notched when I get action. Again, not as patient as I should be, but that's pretty standard for me lately. I should be better that that. At least it only cost me $11 for the lesson with the points entry to the 109 - even though I should have learned all this stuff by now.

Let me try and clear my head for a little while and come back refreshed Sunday. Or maybe not.

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