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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

second flight, not so much...

out 77 of 122 in the Mookie (man, that's a large field) because I

* get bluffed when CK shoves with the hammer and fourth pair on a dry board and I fold top pair.
* check shove on a J53 two heart flop and she calls with 99 no heart and I don't spike my crap with Ax2h.

Did I mention she had the button both times, I openraised in EP, and I basically got pwned postflop both times because I'm a dumbass playing OOP?

God that was LOLBAD, especially because I played the first hand weak intending to induce a shove, I got what I wanted, and I still folded. Very Hellmuth-like.

I hate playing stupid.

EDIT: At least I turned a couple of Step 2 tickets to Step 5's for FTOPS and went +++ in PLO8 again, so $$$ wise a decent session. I still suck at the Mook, however.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BWoP said...

Yikes. I had no idea you had top pair in the hammer hand . . .


lightning36 said...

Hey -- don't look at me. I was innocent this time. : o )