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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

first flight is reasonably ok...

So there were 85 runners for the first BBT5 open event, which is a pretty good turnout for a $26 tourney. I was reasonably pleased with my play, although I ended up putting my nitty TAG hat on and got pwned in a couple of spots playing some solid players postflop.

I ran silly good early to get the chip lead in the first hour.

Blinds 20/40, I basically have 3K and cover the relevant players.
UTG+2 minraises to 80, I flat on the button with T9s, blinds come along, four to a flop.
Flop K87r, blinds check, UTG+2 pots it to 320, I elect to flat and the SB comes along, three to the turn.
Turn Jd for the nizzles with no flush draw, whee! Both players check, I bet 3/4 pot, they both shove?
I snap call, UTG+2 has AA, SB has 87o, I hold for an 8K pot.

The rest of the tourney was a big effing grind. Spiked again when I openraised with 99 and called a shove from JJ, but I flopped a set and rivered quads to get over 10K.

Beyond that, I ground my way around, lost a flip with TT vs. AQo, then won one with ATo vs. 66 to get past the bubble, before twoblackaces got me when his AQo spiked the flop on my JJ and I finished 16 of 85 for like $11 in profit.

So while that won't pay for the rest of the BBT open run, at least it's a solid start. I didn't feel like I was playing horribad, so that's something to take moving forward.

1 comment:

1Queens Up1 said...

Yeah it could be worse, you could be playing STAG (stupid aggressive) like me.

Nice run Heff.