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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I get another mini-vacation...

So Jenn's brother just had his second son, and she's heading down with BabyGirlHeff to Mississippi for a few days. I just realized that I'm without half the house for the beginning of March Madness - even though I never watch college basketball anymore, I think I will enjoy this dude time just fine for a couple of days.

BTW, I ran KK into AA again in the Mookie last night.
It was probably the one time I should fold KK pre.

Seven handed, blinds 15/30. I've got 3500 and the table covered, but it's like ten minutes in.

UTG+1 raises to 105, button threeballs to 360, I fourbet with KK out of the small blind to 775.
UTG+1 folds, button snap jams for 2900, and I'm pretty sure I never see QQ/AK in this spot.

I call, flop has an ace, river gives me a now-useless set instead of the ten I need to spike a running Broadway.

With only 14 runners tonite, the Mookie has really been sputtering this year, a long slide that started after the BBT series - it's fading away just like its eponymous founder.

I'd like to see it stay alive, and will play whenever I can.

But, maybe it's run its natural course.

1 comment:

HighOnPoker said...

I'd like to see the Mook survive, too, but those dwindling numbers don't look good. I think the community is a bit fragmented now, and we need a bigger banner to fly under to bring everyone in for a group tourney or whatnot. With the Mook, Mook could always drum up players. Sans Mook, we don't have that unifying or rallying cry. Hopefully, things will pick up again. These things tend to run in cycles.