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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Final Tables, but no real joy.

so I haven't been playing much lately, but Wednesday night was busy.

MOOKIE! - only two tables, but I did manage to roach and final table this. I spewed early, two outed NYRambler on the river for fives full vs. jacks up and doubled through, decided to 3B/call ChampSampson's preflop shove for 40BB with AQ and hold vs. AT - then ran AA into Waffles's KK all in pre and watched a king hit the flop.

I actually managed to double through at the final table (AK>AJ) to pick up a decent stack, but then I had to play back at LJ, which never works for me.

Blinds 100/200, LJ owns with 17K, I'm roaching with 3600.
LJ opens to 500, I jam with 44, she calls with 33.
3 binks on the turn. Done 7th of 18.

miniFTOPS #1 - Yeah, I got stupid and played this with 18,000 other donks. Was pretty easy for the most part, chipped up gradually, nicely, and easily for the first few hours up to about 20K, but started hitting a deadzone and finally 3b/called from the blinds (AGAIN) with 88 for 20BB and couldn't get there vs. JJ to finish 4440th, which, while nice, is still 2000 players short of a mincash, LOL.

AIPS: I remembered to play, and again I had a big stack early in the first hour, until I shoved JJ into QQ pre and dropped back down below average... I managed to stay afloat, make some crucial double ups (KK vs AT, A6 vs. QQ when the flop checked through and we got it in on the turn when the second 6 hit the board) and I ended up with a decent chip lead halfway through the final table...

Then edwardm111 kept taking out fools and we ended up heads up - I was down 2-1 in chips, but I still had 30BB and I felt like I was just going to figure out a way to get that fourth banana if I just stayed patient and played solid...

...and in response, I played like complete ass, got run over, didn't adjust quick enough, and finally called off with a live 98 for 18BB that couldn't get there vs. AJ to finish first loser.

That was completely fucking horrible. (during this time I spewed in miniFTOPS too, so I played pretty well for 3 1/2 hours and punted it all in a span of five minutes, grumble)

But credit to edwardm111 - he won the last AIPS, so back-to-back for him - I think PokerGeekMN did a repeat last year too, so this is starting to become a trend.

At least I finally made that deep run I should be making in AIPS - but man, I gotta work on HU and BvB play, because I'm really starting to get pwned in these spots where it just shouldn't be happening.


SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. You got ass raped a lot last night.

lightning36 said...

I swear that you offended the Mookie Poker Gods. You must have been running like a god for a year or so to deserve these whuppings you keep getting.