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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

notes roundup...

- Sinus colds and whatnot suck - almost as much as the three feet of snow in DC over the last two weeks, or the week and a half of school the kids have missed. I'm actually becoming an understudy for one of Dante's levels of hell with this...

- I finally did something in the Summer Bankroll Challenge (for once I didn't bad beat someone or BINK! when I needed it) so I got myself back on the right side of the P/L line this year for tourneys - if I didn't get sucked in by Rush Poker every now and again, I'd be really golden. Somehow I need to get it through my thick head no one folds toppair/overpair for 100BB at these tables no matter how much you try to get them to... :-(

/begin rant

- FUCK NBC. Look, I get the reasoning for the tape-delay packaging of the prime time Olympics, that's fine, whatever. However, NBC has like nine billion cable channels and a website?

Show the events live SOMEWHERE, muppets.

They've been screwing us like this for years. Live sports television is reality TV on steroids, because hey, it's like unscripted and shit and plays out in real time and youneverknow what will happen. Why hide that?

At least I live on Eastern time. Can't believe those on Pacific time ACTUALLY WAIT THREE MORE HOURS FOR THIS.

This being said, the Japanese skater performing to Jimi Hendrix almost makes me a men's figure skating fan, and at least I think I'm watching him live.


-One other thing, something Hoy laughed at me about in my last AC post. Yes, I'm enough of a regular Joe to want to pump my own gas, park my own car, wash my own clothes - not because I'm cheep, but I hate paying for trivial stuff I really should be able to do myself - it's a pride thing or something, I don't know.

Of course, I got in a conversation with a couple of coworkers (one NYC, one SF - yeah, it's a global company) where they told me sure, they dropped off their laundry and dry cleaning. At first, I thought that was so silly - until I realized that they lived in tiny apartments without washers and dryers, and I live in suburbia with a house and laundry room.

So, yeah, I guess this convenience/cost factor issue is all relative. I still would rather pump my own gas. I'm stubborn that way.

1 comment:

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

The gas thing has nothing to do with cheapness or not wanting to pay for something you could do yourself. New Jersey has documentedly the cheapest gas in the country, in addition to getting it pumped for you in every single gas station in the state. So everywhere else but New Jersey, you are paying more for indisputably worse service.

I think NJ is a joke of a place pretty much, don't get me wrong. But you are just way off base mentioning the gas pumping thing as a knock against it. Not when there is so much other idiotic stuff about the state to rag on. Just watch Jersey Shore for five minutes and you'll forget all about the gas thing.

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