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Saturday, February 27, 2010

actually remembered AIPS was today

and so I played for the first time in forever, because I keep forgetting when the tourneys are now...

I did not like going through AIPS IV without even a reasonable shot at a final table, much less a fourth banana. Perhaps this season will be better.

41 runners, straight single stack NLHE. I run my stack up to 3700 in the first hour and a top five stack before I hit a dry spot and bounce in level 4 in 24th place.

Hands for amusement/wtf value below.

Me: 1100
Villain: 1600
7-handed, I open in EP to 70 at 10/20 with KK, villain raises the button to 240, I jam, he snap calls with ATo and I hold.

Me: 3300
Villain: 1600, who has called my LP raises preflop from the SB and check/folded the flop 2-3 times.

Villain limps UTG for 100, all fold, I reraise to 400 from the SB with AKo, villain snap shoves 1600 total, I call, see 66 and don't win the flip.

Me: 1600
Villain: 1900
I open the CO with A9 to 275 at 50/100, button re-raises to 600, I fold.

Me: 1400
Villain: 3000
Villain opens the button for 450 at 75/150, I shove A3o from the BB, get snap called by AQo, I don't spike the three outer.

Question: Why am I trying so hard to muscle people around in AIPS preflop when their opening ranges, while including plenty of dominated holdings, really aren't all that wide?

Anyhow, the Summer Bankroll Challenge ends this weekend - and while I've managed to win a couple of 90-man SnGs on FTP in the last couple of weeks, the best I've done in a large field tourney is 95 of 1152 in the 28K nightly for a mincash. I'll try and make a couple more attempts, but Jordan looks safe for the moment.


Snuffy said...

Play has really gone in the shitter in these things. I tried a steal with 14 left after -34 limpers and somehow one of the limpers makes the hero call with 55. I really gotta learn to not make plays like that vs these, as you say, "muppets".

Heffmike said...

Meh, I don't really think the play has gotten that much worse. I think my adjustments to the play generally suck.