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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

quick challenge update.

Bleh. up for the month, but down about -140 in the challenge.

Basically, when you run 4/16 in SnGs, you dig a small hole. I hope to fill it soon.

Mookie was uneventful.

Go-and-go from the blinds with AKo into an UTG raiser on a Qxx rainbow flop, run into QQ that quads up on the turn.

Pot stick myself with QJ by leading a JTx flop in a four-way limped pot from the blinds, call a minraise shove allin, see JT, but Q on the river whee!

Ninja for 30 minutes, open shove 66 five handed into AK and JJ sitting in the blinds, I don't spike. 10 of 18. Boo.

Wife and BabyGirlHeff will head out of town tomorrow for a few days... If I can, I'll get some volume in, try to make an actual deep MTT run and not let everyone else PWN me in this challenge..

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