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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my brief experience with Rush Poker...

Saw all the posts today. Decided to try it out briefly.

I think it'll be a nitfest soon - once people realize hands come around so quickly, why would you play anything marginal, either in holdings or position- they'll just wait until you can hammer a monkey to get cheap double ups.

Case in point. I donk around for 20 minutes, spew here and there to people who will not fold one pair for shit when I miss every draw. Finally, I decide to change up my game completely.

I limp AA UTG+1, someone shoves 80BB with KQs, I snap call and hold. Suddenly I profit.

EZ Game. I don't think this crack poker will last too long. Everyone used to love the Royal Hold 'Em tables on Ultimate Bet for a couple of weeks too - until it was pretty obvious how to play the game.

It's fun, though.

Hundreds of players waiting to run KK into AA or bash sets into nut flush draws with overs on the flop.


EDIT: two more hands for laughs, I need to stop now.

This just doesn't seem right to me, regardless of how profitable it is.

Limp AA UTG, one call, button raises 5BB, big blind threeballs to 20BB, I just shove for 150BB to be an asshole and get a call from KK/QQ - and all fold. :-(

UTG limps, I overlimp in EP with 33, button raises 4BB, big blind coldcalls, UTG calls, I come along to close the action, 16BB in the pot.
Flop 632r (DING!). Checks to me, I bet 2/3 pot, button minraises, I shove for 120BB more (and cover) - he calls off with TT and does not spike.

It's a shame this won't last. No way I could run +120BB/100 hands in the long run, no sir.

If nothing else, it's proof the games are still good despite all the troubles over the last 2-3 years.

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