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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it's quiet around here

mainly because I've hit a spot where I'm just not that motivated right now to dig in and play all that seriously. I'm not real focused and am just splashing around, making a bunch of puddles.

Hell, I sort of paid attention to WBCOOP #3 today, but after the first break, I just decided to shut it down and blind out because I just did not feel like grinding for 5-6 hours to maybe earn a tournament ticket over $30. All props to Lightning36 for actually final tabling one of these things.

Because I finally managed to get rakeback on FTP (woot) I did get motivated to hit the Rush Poker tables. I did hang out at 50NL and 100NL for a while and went +6 buyins at one level and -6 buyins at the other. Naturally, I did this the reversed way - and lost coin :(

The bankroll challenge will be an EPIC FAIL. I will be happy if I break even by March and avoid paying out the $50 for a large field MTT final table. Of course I think I may have one deep MTT run in me before it all ends... If I can just not bust myself in the first 30 minutes of a tournament I usually do alright.

But for the moment, I'm just trying to balance work/life/everything else and not let any of the spinning plates hit the ground...


PokahDave said...

How exactly did you get rakeback on FTP? I tried before and was denied....just wondering....

Heffmike said...

Go bug, Dave. Sometimes it's completely random which accounts they can take and which ones they can't. I asked via email and it was done inside of 48 hours, got first payment this week.