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Friday, January 8, 2010

I haz a plan, maybe

Ok, so the Challenge begins for me - with an extra side bet sweetener that I hopefully only need to pay off once.

With BabyGirlHeff getting a little more ornery at night as she hits three months old - I probably will stick to sit-n-gos, maybe get an occasional MTT in (Jenn's taking her home to Mississippi for a few days later this month, opportunity is knocking) - but I will not be putting in heavy volume for this.

I just like the idea of some type of external motivation, no matter how small or big, to get yourself going.

Yeah, the WBCOOP badge is on the sidebar, I'm a ho' for a freeroll. Shoot me.

Work schedule changed with the new year too, meaning I'm off Fridays - but working Sundays. So who knows what that means moving forward.

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