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Saturday, January 2, 2010

first tilt of the year, we haz a winner.

Of course he has me beat on the flop. I like gambool.
Villain is known to me - grinds $20 SnGs like a gold miner for minimal profit with tilt issues - so yeah, I kind of did it on purpose.

Dealer: You have been dealt [Qc Qs Kc As]
Dealer: roland3s folds
Dealer: SFois folds
Dealer: gmant584 folds
Dealer: PimpDaddyDolla folds
Dealer: heffmike raises to 120
Dealer: XbrewmasterX calls 120
Dealer: bugzynono folds
Dealer: fabcunha folds
Dealer: RowB folds
Dealer: The flop is [Td 7s 4c]
Dealer: heffmike bets 200
Dealer: XbrewmasterX raises to 900
Dealer: heffmike raises to 1,290, and is all in
Dealer: XbrewmasterX calls 150, and is all in
Dealer: heffmike shows [Qc Qs Kc As]
Dealer: XbrewmasterX shows [3d Ad Ts 7d]
Dealer: Uncalled bet of 240 returned to heffmike
Dealer: The turn is [Ac]
Dealer: The river is [Kd]
Dealer: heffmike shows two pair, Aces and Kings, for high
Dealer: XbrewmasterX shows two pair, Aces and Tens, for high
Dealer: heffmike wins the pot (2,400) with two pair, Aces and Kings
Dealer: XbrewmasterX stands up
Dealer: XbrewmasterX finishes in 9th place

XbrewmasterX (Observer): o,mg
XbrewmasterX (Observer): wwTFFFFFFFFFFFF

heffmike: i like playing bad and getting there. gg

XbrewmasterX (Observer): f u

heffmike: you're so awesome to tilt, too.

XbrewmasterX (Observer): y does this siote pays f'n morons

heffmike: just people that can type correctly

XbrewmasterX (Observer): shut the f up u homo
XbrewmasterX (Observer): can u read taht

heffmike: those that can't spell get the shaft

XbrewmasterX (Observer): f u homo
XbrewmasterX (Observer): ur f'n terible
XbrewmasterX (Observer): talking &&%% cause u won with a &%!!ty f'n hand

heffmike: just go grind away, little man. pls.

XbrewmasterX (Observer): how bout u go f urself

1 comment:

SirFWALGMan said...

lol. This is why I hate poker. That Ace on the turn was actually a bad card for you right? So you were drawing to a 4, K, Q. Nice.