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Thursday, December 30, 2010

VeryJosie challenge doesn't stop first loser meme...

Cliffs: Very Josie HU challenge ends up 2-2. Best results for a challenger so far, sounds good to me.

Game 1 - back and forth for about 50 hands, I limp KQo at 20/40 down a bit, we see a 987 all spade flop, I have the Ks, and I check/call a pot bet. Turn's a blank, I check/shove into Josie's T6s, no spade - only the flopped second nut straight. I do not get there on the river. Down 0-1.

Game 2 - much quicker, four hands in, I raise AA to 2.5xBB, Josie 3x's that, I flat. Flop comes J77, she checks, I lead, she raises, I wonder, for realz? - and go ahead and shove. Josie calls with AJs, and I hold. Three hands later I manage to get her last 40 chips and even things up.

Game 3 - another quick one, Josie raises her button, I repop with ATo, she calls. Flop 987 with two spades, I check and it checks through. Turn 5c, I check, Josie pots it, and I make an ill-advised jam... right into Ts8s for the flopped straight flush draw with middle pair. I whiff the river again. Down 1-2..

Game 4 - This was the marathon - over 120 hands.. early on I raise JJ and Josie jams, I decide to flip and hold vs. AQo - so I've got her down to 180 chips and this should be OVAR, right...?

Well, I decide to be careful and not double her up too easily - eventually I minraise AKo, get her to shove A3o for 12BB and get fourflushed on the river - and after that, I get into the worst carddead stretch ever. I don't even hold bluffcatchers, I can't make a hand, and she starts climbing back... first to even, and then I'm down 3-1.

To be honest, I'm not sure what I could have done about it. Put it this way, I was fairly sure I was getting outplayed and outflopped. But, maybe I'm starting to learn some patience and not force the issue when things aren't going my way. I waited, waited, and finally got it in good preflop with TT vs. A4s and 77 vs. A8o and held both times to finally even things up at 2-2.

Since things were running so long (it took an hour to play 4 matches) we left things at that, dead even - which is probably for the best... I felt very evenly matched. I didn't even mind losing the two games the way I did, b/c I probably would have tried to get it in on the flop if I was playing more aggressively anyway.

I did change up how I usually play HU, and I noticed Josie changing gears at times as well. Mad, silly credit to her for cockroaching in the last game from T180 to a 3-1 lead. I wouldn't mind doing it again to break the tie - but to be honest, we both should probably be playing other people HU a lot more than each other.

Then I rolled into the Mookie and ended up in the longest bubble ever with some tuff villains - twoblackaces, highonpoker and buddydank. I had to get tarpy with big pairs, manufacture a ton of pots, keep jamming into shortstacks BvB and sucking out - and I finally get HU against Jordan with a decent chip lead - and piss it away jamming an OESD into top two pair on the flop, in a spot where I really didn't need to defend my blind in the first place.

Full Tilt Poker Game #26819874801: The Mookie (206713892), Table 2 - 500/1000 Ante 125 - No Limit Hold'em - 00:44:47 ET - 2010/12/30
Seat 4: HighOnPoker (19,130)
Seat 6: heffmike (25,870)
HighOnPoker antes 125
heffmike antes 125
HighOnPoker posts the small blind of 500
heffmike posts the big blind of 1,000
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [Jd 9h]
HighOnPoker raises to 4,000
heffmike calls 3,000
*** FLOP *** [Qc Ts Ad]
heffmike checks
HighOnPoker bets 6,000
heffmike has 15 seconds left to act
heffmike raises to 21,745, and is all in
HighOnPoker calls 9,005, and is all in
heffmike shows [Jd 9h]
HighOnPoker shows [Qd Ac]
Uncalled bet of 6,740 returned to heffmike
*** TURN *** [Qc Ts Ad] [4s]
*** RIVER *** [Qc Ts Ad 4s] [5h]
heffmike shows Ace Queen high
HighOnPoker shows two pair, Aces and Queens
HighOnPoker wins the pot (38,260) with two pair, Aces and Queens
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 38,260 | Rake 0
Board: [Qc Ts Ad 4s 5h]
Seat 4: HighOnPoker (small blind) showed [Qd Ac] and won (38,260) with two pair, Aces and Queens
Seat 6: heffmike (big blind) showed [Jd 9h] and lost with Ace Queen high

Naturally the next two hands I flop a set to no action and another OESD that whiffs two streets to finish FIRST LOSER AGAIN. Would have been nice to get #6 Mook win to close 2010.

At least I feel like I stretched out my poker mind more than I usually do. Maybe if I applied that focus to real SnGs/MTTs, I'd make more money in 2011.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

and here we go..

9pm Wednesday for an hour or so.

I try to crack the Very Josie nut Lightning and Waffles whiffed at.

on FTP - rail to amuse yourself as needed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

and so Xmas is upon us again...

Happy Holidays, world!

At least whatever happened to my hip/back/ass is starting to straighten itself out - I can actually stretch everything out fully again and only feel occasional twinges - although no one can tell me yet how or why my body went haywire for a month - but it's good nevertheless because I'm way behind on a ton of house/renovating work that needs to be done between the holidays.

Looks like 2010 will be a barely breakeven year for me - up in tourneys, down in cash - as I never made a huge score this year or a huge deep run in a large field MTT - I only play like 10-15 a month and just ran completely horrible at them this year. As much as I love PLO8, I completely flatlined those SnGs this year after lighting them up in '09 - basically, I smoked the 90-man double stack turbos on FTP for mad profit and was treading water everywhere else. So, there's probably room to reevaluate my game and approach and try some new things out in 2011.

I think I will try to work through my first loser skid by donating to the VeryJosieUniversity if she will let me next week.

I'm actually deliberating whether or not to pull most of my roll offline for occasional live play in 2011 (still have NOT been to Charles Town, Del Park, or PARX) and just leave a couple of hundred on FTP and Stars in 2011, grind the $5 tourneys, and see what happens. Then again, I'd never get to actually go play live but maybe once a month, so maybe spewing it all online is for the best.

Have a good one, everyone...

Monday, December 13, 2010

trend spotted!

So I'm setting a trend here. Played PokerSlut PLO8 tourney. Finished 2/9.

Which was really annoying because 1) I loves me some PLO8 and 2) I actually managed to get a 9-1 chip lead and still not close the deal.

Anyhow, I'm HU with SmBoatDrinks, slightly outchipped but still 30-some BB deep, and say

heffmike: cool we can try and trap each other for the next 30 min.
SmBoatDrinks: lol

which is about how long it took - 70 hands and 30 minutes - and how it went.

AAQ2ss doubles through A853 on a K76r flop fading nine zillion outs, then later I turn a steel wheel to 3/4 a pot, and got him down to 6BB.

But then I can't make a hand hold/get there no matter how hard I try.

-can't beat AAJ5ds with 8442, lol.
-can't hold with K432 after jamming a KJ3 flop when the gutterball Broadway comes on the turn for AT95.
-A322ss doesn't get there vs. KKJ6
-Flop nut flush, wheel draw gets there on the turn for a chop.

I finally lose twice in a row getting it in preflop with suited Ace/wheel sidecard hands vs. AAxx - AQ32ss vs. AA87, AQ73ss vs, AAQ3 - to finish first loser again.

I actually forgot Drinks boned me last week by shipping 40bb when I three-bet him with AKo - and then spiked a deuce on the flop with his A2s - and won that tourney as well.

It was pretty good HU match... but I would rather win one of these every now and again.

Looking forward to random blog posts from the WPBT. This is a good one already...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

first loser trends suck, part one billion

so yeah, 2/33 in AIPS HOSE tonight. Third time this year. Arrrgh.

Drifted around for a while and didn't get on a heater until late in the tourney - I basically lost every medium pot and sucked out on all the big ones - I finally got going at the final table once we got shorthanded in the stud rounds... and then I was heads up against a guy (nala1988) I hadn't ever played before in Stud/8, which should have made me really happy...

...and I couldn't get a damn thing going. Spent the entire rotation making up for one hand where I made Queens up to his Kings up on fifth street - we got to LHE basically even with 10BB stacks - and I spewed it off in two hands, jamming bottom pair and a backdoor flush draw into a flopped set.

Yeah, probably not good timing on my part. Best shot at getting banana #4 this year, when I really should have closed the door, and poof.

Also, not very many opportunities to make the AIPS V ToC either. I got three shots left.

This has not been a good year for me in tournament series.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

since we all have an opinion (which doesn't matter now, or maybe not)

on Harry Reid's angleshooting backdoor plan to "regulate" online poker, in response to the similarly sneaky UIGEA's passing back in 2006... (gee, and Senators wonder why we think they are scum...)

It just looks like a bad idea. Some regulation is probably coming soon, but this shouldn't be it, shouldn't be what people settle for as "Yes, this is the solution!".

F-Train and Grump probably have the best analysis. Neither is all that excited, which sounds about right.

EDIT: I hate being overtaken by events-

DOUBLE EDIT: because at 4pm, the Sun article said the attempt was D.O.A, and now at 8pm, uh, no never mind. Sometimes I hate being a "journalist" or "mass communications major", or at least hate who I get grouped with under that job description - a job that unlike lawyer or doctor or even freaking electrician doesn't have any licensing guidelines. Sigh.

If it does come down - oh, live games could get very interesting for the next couple of years, and when all the U.S. players can get back online, I can only imagine how silly the games will be.

Anyhow, while I surf the twitters and intertubes to see the latest updates from WPBT this week (and this particular get-together sounds way interesting) - I will try to tool around in AIPS tonite and whatever other silliness I can stumble into.

Congratulate Jordan on running deep at the Atlantic City WSOPC last weekend -

Managed to final table a Rush On Demand this week (3/125 for +400) - but left $500 on the table by punting a chip-leading stack four handed - jamming Q4 into the shortstack's AA for 7BB, then K7 into AK, and 33 into AK again - all against the same guy, all blind v blind, all within 10 hands.

I run so good - especially when I spew and get it in bad like a monkee.

But I'm still having fun.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

why the interwebz needs instruktions, #34, w/poll!

Ok, last year I emailed a small company out in the sticks about some firewood prices, but didn't actually buy from them. A couple of days ago I got a random email from some other customer asking if their wood was seasoned.

1) Obviously Mr. Momo Customer, Esq. used the REPLY ALL button when sending his mail. Annoying, but semi-honest mistake.

2) However, Ms. Dodo Small Business Owner is unfamiliar with the BCC addressing function, and sends her announcements trolling for business with regular CC's where everyone sees ALL the email addresses. FML, cmon, man, this is 2010. That's just horrible.

So now I've gotten like 30 emails over the last two days, all of which are people whining about getting spammed and asking to be taken off the email list... WHICH MEANS THEY ARE USING THE REPLY ALL FUNCTION AS WELL!!!.

So, que es the biggest moron?

-Momo Customer.

-Dodo Small Business Owner.

-Muppets who can't use email correctly.

-Me for even posting about this.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not a total donator tonite.

Moneyed the VeryJosie, 3/10. no shirt for me.

Played fine, but not well enough, too quiet during the second hour while moving the sleeping baby and watching Top Chef because I'm so ghey underneath it all.... ;-)

Got my Rush points in while not doing anything stupid and making 1.5 BI.
I continue to crack KK like it's my freaking job.

Found that prescribed physical therapy >>> chiropractic care for whatever I've got. I still hurt, but at least I am relatively mobile and the stabbing sensation in my hip/ass/leg/calf doesn't make me wish I stepped on a mine. Maybe in a couple of weeks I can actually break a sweat and move my silly self to exhaustion.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

someday, spewday will not be spew.

Great to see Waffles and Rambler out for once, since I rarely play with them anymore - and I had a lot of fun playing HORSE at Spewday. I sat top5 in chips for most of the first rotation, but started leaking oil once VeryJosie (mojo'd me per usual) was moved to the table, and then got boned in the second razz rotation when I bricked seven draws on fourth street while ahead two hands in a row to drop half my stack.

Finally raised split jacks into waffles' spade draw in Stud and he got there on sixth after we were allin to bounce me 15/20. Sigh. I'm usually really good at blogger rotational games - most of my blogger/BBT wins were in the old Skillz games, after all.

Will try again tomorrow and see what I can do. VJ, maybe Mook, depending on mood.

rush poker arrgh, but you already know this.

had a decent post written up, but the laptop battery ate it by not warning me before running dead. HP FAIL.

so Cliffs:

- Rush Poker is EVIL. Chased bonus points like a moron in a two-hour session at 100NL. Went up 2 buyins, then down 1, then even, then down 3, then finished up ahead $10. I am a variance fiend in cash games.

Someday I'll learn not to three-barrel into trips, or call down three streets in position to see someone river me, or try to catch the river bluff that is always for value.

However, flatting big pairs behind a raiser and backraising/making a flop move does work for making mobney, so I got that working for me. Just generating rakeback, I guess...

- Not only do I spend every morning wondering which unique way my back/hip/legs are going to hurt today, but the last few days have been spent fighting a mini-cholera epidemic at the house. At one point four different people were laid out in various states of ugh/running to bathroom every half-hour. Damn noroviruses or whatever. At least it looks like it's over now...

- Played a live bar poker tournament for the first time in forever this week since my work schedule changed this year. People have gotten much better, shockingly enough. Still finished 3/25 and played pretty damn well, except when I kept paying off river bets with bluff catchers (this may be a pattern)

- Playing Spewday and Very Josie this week and we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sorry about the tumbleweeds...

Holidays can create a lot of distractions, you know... That, and somehow I pissed off a nerve or disc in my back a few weeks ago and have been trying all sorts of medical remedies and tweaks to quit having my leg feel like it's en fuego... Some uberanti-inflammatories and a little PT are attempting to solve the issue, but it's really annoying. At least sitting isn't a problem, it's standing and moving...

Found out after the PLO8 debacle that in Rush MTTs, you can sit out, and you don't get moved to another table until AFTER the hand is completed at your current table... which is kind of a sketchy angleshot for the shortstacks, especially if you can't tell that they're sitting out (Tilt doesn't show you if a player is sitting out until they time out once - and since you don't normally see the same player two tables in a row...) and they get that extra 20-30 seconds without being dealt into a new hand or into a blind...

Half the table was sitting out when I bubbled. If I knew that... well, I'd have sat out too, which would have been great for me, but bad for the game on the whole.

Solution? Well, I mentioned it to support for the future..

1) go hand for hand at the bubble (2-3 players outside it, I was surprised a $322 wasn't going hand for hand, Rush format or not)
2) change the software - when you fold your hand, sitting out or not, get moved to a new table immediately and be dealt into a new hand. None of this buying extra seconds you shouldn't have b/c you autofold.
3) if someone's sitting out, display it underneath the avatar. (this may be the way I set up my tables, so might be my fault to begin with)

But it's FTP support, not Stars, so I'm probably pissing uphill to begin with.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

well, that was a large bubble.

So, cluetime here - Rush PLO8 may not be the best structured FTOPS tournament ever.

Almost popped the bubble before the first break.

Actually, since I play a lot of turbo SnGs and handle a 15-20BB stack pretty well, I didn't mind a structure that wasn't going to ask me to play until midnight just to cash.

No No, instead I was the one who bounced out 15 minutes later ON THE FUCKING BUBBLE and screwed myself out of $500, at least.

I had at least 2-3 pro bounties poof to chops/quarters on the river along the way, too.

So, instead of making a few hundred, put a big -$322 in the stat sheet.

I should have farmed a 2BB stack in at the bubble, but no, I had to stick it in in a multiway spot and not get there. I knew it was a bad idea, but part of me was like, win a pot or two and really try to do something post-bubble to make serious $$.

By the way, having a Rush MTT without antes NOT go hand for hand near the bubble is a complete and utter joke, bottom line. Someone with a 30-chip stack should not be able to cash b/c of randomly being able to avoid the blinds.

Anyway, I'm way tilted. At least that was a shot-taker off of this month's profits, but pfft, it still pisses me off.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Banana efforts whiff again

11/50 in last night's AIPS. Nothing of note. I played, got a decent stack, kept getting three-balled in ick spots, jammed with a pair for 10BB and ran into a bigger one, gg me.

I did manage to luckbox my way into the FTOPS Rush HORSE tourney Thursday night via satellite - so I'll mull over whether or not to burn up $216 doing that.

This, after turning a Step 3 ticket... ...into a Step 3 ticket... and calling off with the jackace in a 90man SnG for 25BB on the bubble, being shown 44, and losing the flip - which I probably deserved anyway, even though I made the right read, b/c it wasn't smart.

I loves me some T.O! Got the 30-odd points I needed and binked a FF win last week.

Otherwise, it's been kind of standard around these parts...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

(no, not a duplicate post) I am the first loser MASTER.

OK, now I'm starting to get steamed. 2/12 in the Pokerslut HORSE tourney Sunday night.

-standard rotational game play - lots of odd holdings showing down in all the rounds.
-survive, get rolling, start accumulating chips once we get shorthanded and near the bubble.
-get HU with a slight chip deficit,
-get boned and go down to 4BB in O8,
- just light everything on fire from there in the rotation and win every single pot because I loves me some fourcardbingo,
- get our villain ELM22 all in and thin a couple of times in stud rounds but can't finish him off,
- flip the chip lead back and forth a few times in over 100 hands.

and finally can't get 34569 with a flush draw to beat one pair and finish second again. Le sigh.

Obviously I will not be specializing in HU SnGs anytime soon. Although, maybe I can run bad in blogger tourneys for $10, $20 and run good in a real MTT for a four figure payjump someday...

WSOP ME stream was certainly entertaining over the weekend. I'm curious how it will be shown Tuesday - despite some stack-punting during the final table, it felt like there was a much higher level and thought process of poker play on display than in the past few years.

I have no preference HU. Neither player really excites me, or looks they'll take the game anywhere out of the ordinary. (No spoilers here, like I should worry about that)

Oh, and all the Texas NFL teams can BLOW. Just killing my FF team - Schaub, AJ, Miles Austin.

When you have to rely on a 30-point night from TO against the Steelers, you know you're drawing thin.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am the first loser MASTER.

And I did it again last night. 2/13 in the Very Josie.

Topped off a run where I binked 1st or 2nd in like six straight SnGs for +$400 - which is nice and completely unsustainable....

Basic wrapup is here - Outside of openjamming 20BB into the hostess BvB fivehanded and having her hero call with 66 for 3/4 of her stack and fading the two outer - nothing that interesting for me. Basically, I never got action with a big hand and had to manufacture a lot of small pots until I doubled through there - and them I kind of got quiet with a big stack and picked my spots, maybe a little too carefully

I started HU with a 2-1 chip lead 50BB deep - and I can honestly say this time I actually played decent for about 60 hands (and what seemed longer than 20 minutes) - and only made a couple of loose moves...

* Jam A4s for 13BB effective, get snapped off by A8. Flop a 4, turn an 8.
* About 22BB stacks, I openraise KJs, Acornman jams AQo, I call off b/c I want to gambool, not because I think it's a good call, and I figure I'm live at least. Flop a J, turn a Q.

GG me. If I'd have known winners were getting shirts, I fold and keep grinding some more. But lesson learned.

Oooh, Tilt has draw games now. Fun, if it wasn't for grinders complaining about rakeback and FTP points all through the thread.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

AIPS report

Fucking bubble.

Play smart in hour one, rack up a huge chip lead in hour two and hit the final table with about 9K in chips. Feel very good about banana #4 sitting on a 50BB stack.

Win like one hand in 40 minutes in the worst carddead stretch I've had in a MTT in a LOOOONG time and spew half my stack when I have to raise/fold to shoves preflop over and over.

Finally jam AKs over a raise, AT calls, and I hold - very next hand openraise AhQh, have KhJh shove into me and hit a six outer. Big difference at that stage between 11K and 5K.

Sit on the bubble, decide to repop a raiser with AJo from the blinds for 20BB effective and have him snap shove with AQo. I don't spike.

Shove 66 for my last 1BB into 65s and 44. Have the third best hand by the river. 6/33.

Probably going to watch someone else get a fourth banana before me - so tilted right now b/c I run bad, then play worse in a spot where I didn't need to try to pick someone off. Just stupid.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spew report

I'm tired of sucking in Spewday.

I play meh for 30 minutes. Get up to 3500, nothing special happens. Raise/fold pre a couple of times. Finally get tired of doing that when I open KQs UTG to 300 with a 2600 stack, have the button repop to 750 and decide to jam - and get shown AKs. Boy, I pick stupid spots in this MTT.

A pocket pair would have won after the board ran out, joy me. 24/33.

The good players in this tournament don't seem to show up with shit when you jam on them.

Then again, I watched Josie jam pre with QQ twice when she raised and got repopped, but 53o and J4s are the nizzles and she bounced before I did.

Final tabled the superturbo, but then ATs can't fade K9s and 55, and I drift for a while before getting it in three ways with live cards and not spiking to finish 7/36 for a bunch of $1 knockouts but no real money.

Good investing by me.


And what have we learned from this weekend's experience?

-Sports betting is stupid - even when you know, you don't know, you know?

-Prop betting, however, rocks, because there's no skill involved. All ruckbox!

-Tony Momo can't screw up anything as bad as Wade Phillips and the Double J can - after all, they had a damn lead when he got hurt.

I broke a clavicle once, diving to catch a pass. It sucked. That shoulder still isn't completely right compared to the other one over 10 years later.

That's as bad as I feel about the Cowboys and their 1-5 start.

To quote Minor Threat- boofuckinghoo.

Anyhow, I hope to be freerolling Spewday later tonite. :-)

Actually, I will cut an extra special magnanimous deal for VeryJosie - ship me the $18 for both Spewday buyins - and if you play both tourneys tonite, I'll ship it back as a rebate. All I'll need is a VJ buyin for next week and all is even.

Monday, October 25, 2010

good monday night sweat..

So when I noticed Josie and Waffles were running a pick 'em contest this weekend, I had to get in with a side bet to drive the action.

Cliffs are, Giants win is good for Waffles(and me), Cowboys win good for Josie.

About $30 of MTT buyins on the line here, so a fun little wager to liven up the intertubes.

I'm just happy to build up Spewday a little bit more - not that LJ needs any help (more rungoot for her this morning, I see)

So come play Tuesday after the sure-to-be-awesome Rocky Horror Glee!

Oh, and babygirlheff turned one this weekend - joy - but I cracked a crown that just got put in and need to go to the dentist now - boo.

Tonite will be amusing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5-card draw is a silly game.

Look, I've had people tell me that, oh, the old school games are purer poker. And that may be true from a cash game standpoint - I can see in a deep-stacked enviroment how this would be a ton of fun. But jeez, PL 5-card draw is a NITS game at heart, like most oldschool pokah is.

Yeah, I didn't win the AIPS tourney Wednesday. Pretty long dry spell here...

I'll freely admit, I don't know what I'm talking about - I never play 5CD, but I do play some 2-7 on occasion, so I understand some basic draw game concepts. But apparently, success in tournament 5CD comes down to

1) getting dealt the pat nizzles, like a straight or better
2) hope someone else raises the pot
3) hoping that someone else has a hand like AAxxx in the reraised pot and improves on the draw.
4) profit.

So many times, I'm looking at spots where people should really be trying to get value postdraw, and it goes check/check or check/call. Anyway, I think I made one overly tight fold here, but it was such a nitfest I didn't think I was getting bluff-raised very often here. Yeah, I should probably check behind here like everyone else was, right?

PokerStars Game #51063651069: Tournament #307170033, $5.00+$0.50 USD 5 Card Draw Pot Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2010/10/13 21:27:38 ET
Table '307170033 7' 6-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: aun2112 (1345 in chips)
Seat 2: heffmike (1645 in chips)
Seat 4: PottyTrainMe (995 in chips)
Seat 5: OddsmanJTo (2650 in chips)
Seat 6: Bruckner_7th (1155 in chips)
PottyTrainMe: posts small blind 25
OddsmanJTo: posts big blind 50
Dealt to heffmike [2d Ts Ah Ad Qs]
Bruckner_7th: calls 50
aun2112: folds
heffmike: raises 150 to 200
PottyTrainMe: folds
OddsmanJTo: folds
Bruckner_7th: calls 150
Bruckner_7th: discards 1 card
heffmike: discards 2 cards [2d Ts]
Dealt to heffmike [Ah Ad Qs] [Qh 3h]
Bruckner_7th: checks
heffmike: bets 250
Bruckner_7th: raises 400 to 650
heffmike said, "guess I have to fold aces up. oh well,"
heffmike: folds
Uncalled bet (400) returned to Bruckner_7th
Bruckner_7th collected 975 from pot
Bruckner_7th: doesn't show hand
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 975 | Rake 0
Seat 1: aun2112 folded before the Draw (didn't bet)
Seat 2: heffmike (button) folded after the Draw
Seat 4: PottyTrainMe (small blind) folded before the Draw
Seat 5: OddsmanJTo (big blind) folded before the Draw
Seat 6: Bruckner_7th collected (975)

Anyway, I raise/folded one time to the big stack when he repopped from the blinds, so when he did it the next orbit I got it in for 12BB with AAxxx and a four flush and ran smack into a pat King-high flush. 28/37, gg me.

Obviously I have a lot to learn about this game. Like only play it a couple of times a year.

It should be obvious from the above I have no freaking clue how to play this game and would get destroyed by anyone who actually likes 5CD.

Seven more events this year - at least I like all the formats left.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday fun....

VeryJosie only had one table Wednesday - which was fine, I enjoyed it anyway. I ended up HU with the hostess- and despite having over 50BB in my stack and down only 60-40, it was over in less than 20 hands. She crushed every board and I paid her off with bluffcatchers every time - Six pots were worth more than the blinds and I lost 5 of them.


I'm probably getting pwned anyway - some players have my number, she's one of them - but geez, I didn't even put up a decent fight. Felt like a damn Polish Army grunt in 1939.

I played the Mookie b/c of who I saw logged in. Early on I lose a ton with 99 on an T847 turn to a genius with 44 - but I get back up to 6K quickly w/o even paying attention - seriously, between home/kid duties and watching the ALDS, I don't even remember most of the first hour.

Get to the final table with a good stack, then drop a ton on a 7d5d2x flop with AdJd when UTG raised with the hammer and I didn't get there after getting it in on the flop... then I just hung out for another 40 minutes and watched Joanne quit being the ubernit of all nits - jamming overs and third pair on flops - before I finally bubbled 4/16 jamming Ace high into her top pair on a BvB turn like a complete dipshit.

So basically I wasted almost three hours to break even. I make wonderful EV decisions.

The other night I finally cashed in one of those 135-man Rush tourneys - and then gave it right back at Rush cash games.

Treading water. I am AWESOME at this.

Heff playing MTTs/SnGs - good
Heff playing cash - bad.

Must remember this.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

silly streaky

I play Spewday very badly. Finish 40th in both flights and am done by 9:30.

SuperTurbo was a matter of jamming ATs second hand into a openlimped AQo.

In the main I get overly cute, defend my blind with 86s and check/raise/call off 45BB when shoved on after an 854 flop and can't get there vs. TT.

I go on a ridiculous dry spell for the last two nights where I can't do anything in my usual SnGs... until I finally string together four firsts, including another $26 90-man, to finish things up way in the positive.

I do what I think are smart things - like flat AA to a preflop raise and make a delayed move on the flop - or raise/jam nut/nut PLO8 draws - and don't hold.

I do what I know are really bad things - like jam 42o into A3, or Q6 into AK - and get there.

So Bizaro Poker works best for me. And the roller coaster continues.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Because obviously she can afford a $25 bounty now...

I may actually get to play a little bit for the first time in forever.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ireland - dublin, last set of pix...

So, by the time we got to Dublin, we were halfway through the trip. We stayed close to St. Stephen's Green, met up with one of our former exchange students from England - (redhead with an Irish father, so really Jenn's long lost little twin sister) and wandered around Dublin for a few days..

Christ Church Cathedral

River Liffey, which runs right through the middle of town

Whiskey tasting at the Jameson Distillery. Johnnie Walker, Jameson, and Jack Daniels. Not surprisingly, JW tastes like peat/dirt, JD like burnt corn/gasoline, and Jameson so light and smooth (triple distilling) that's it's almost too neutral, like vodka. Note to self, if you become a distiller, naming product J-something is good luck.

We liked our beverages. I'm still mostly a Scotch man, though.

Kilmingham Gaol. This, and Dublin Castle (no pix, oops) were some of the better historic sites we saw in Dublin. The Office of Public Works really has a bunch of top-notch guides walking you through Irish history...

Random band playing on the streets of Temple Bar.
To be honest,
they were actually pretty good.

Wall of Fame in Temple Bar with the usual suspects (U2, Thin Lizzy, etc) - and a lovely CCTV camera watching everything. Hello!

The baby makes more friends in Dun Laoghaire. This old couple was so hilarious sitting on a bench near the harbor. They weren't following the open container law either..

Jedward. These jagoffs need to disappear. Quickly. I saw far too much of them in Ireland, count yourself lucky they have not spread across the Atlantic yet. At least they can sell a nacho to their fellow Irishmen.

Streets of Kilkenny - we took a day trip to get out of the city and popped into a couple of places..

like Glendalough, where BabyGirlHeff got to do another fun thing - touch the historic rocks around this 6th century monastic settlement. That, she loved. The rain, not so much. Very soaked after this.

and the view flying out of Dublin across the countryside and hedgerows as we left for the States.

It's been about a month since we got back - and I do miss it. I think, if we could find equivalent jobs in Ireland (doesn't Tiltware have a presence in Dublin - or maybe I would just pour pints because I'm so chatty and conversational with strangers, not...) or if we won the lottery, we'd move there in a heartbeat.

We'd definitely be in the sticks, though. Not that Dublin wasn't bad... but I'm around a big city, I know what they are like. We both preferred the Irish countryside much, much more.

Living somewhere out near Dingle or Kenmare... now that would be an interesting life. In this day and age, you're so globally connected - those remote places just don't seem that far away anymore.

I'm just happy I got the chance to see Ireland. That's probably the best thing about my wife - she ends up making me do things I'd never get around to under normal circumstances. I feel bad for my daughter - she'll never remember any of this as she gets older - unless we take her again, of course.

OK, maybe this week I'll get the chance to actually play some cards and make $$$ like LJ.

As it is, I've got to go to New York (not the city, the state) with my pop to catch up with family for a couple of days, so any WCOOP play is probably not going to happen. Even AIPS may be tight on Saturday, and I'd hate to miss PLO8... :-(

This is a really low-volume month for me. A nice change of pace.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

hey, it's a non irish post!

the usual odds and ends...

- for a 14-9 competitive game, man that NFL opener was a little bit of a downer. When you watch and think about what people aren't doing, instead of what people are doing... well, it's not as fun, bottom line. Viking fan should be worried about a 6-10 freefall, that's for sure...

- not playing a lot because there's a ton of stuff going on around the house - school starting, work, etc... and with BabyGirlHeff hitting 1 soon, she's active enough at night to where I have a triage list of
1) take care of baby
2) watch TV/surf internet/ do something with my mind I can stop for a minute when she gets silly
3) play cards and try and focus while she needs my attention every few minutes.

So, yeah, I'd like to play and watch NFL and watch her... but I'm not a 20-something multitabling bot, I have limits, something has to give. Of course I'm still trying to figure out what miniFTOPS or WCOOP I can play in the next couple of weeks - I'll try to fit something cool in. I'm running well enough to where I paid back what I took offline for Ireland spending money, so at least I'm in a good spot to take a shot or two.

Why are people thinking the Redskins are a dark horse this season? WTF, have they been paying attention at all since January? 8-8 at best, and probably not even that.

Oh, and F DAN SNYDER for his money/publicity-grubbing Papa John's commercial with Jerry Jones. Jack Kent Cooke would never have done that. The DANNY can go screw himself just like he's been doing to the fanbase for the last 10+ years.

I'll wind up the Ireland trip with a Dublin/odds-n-ends post soon. Gotta move on with real life, you know...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ireland - driving, from Kenmare to Dublin...

Driving in Ireland was... interesting..

First off, there's that driving on the left thing, with the steering wheel on the right. That was weird enough.

wishing this was Mario Kart Wii and I had that bullet power-up

And there there was the other issue our one-day delay caused... We lost the automatic transmission for the rental car and had to drive a stick shift... - which wouldn't be so bad, after all, I learned to drive on a stick and my first car was a 1971 baby blue VW Beetle.

Of course, I got rid of that car at 18 and have only used a clutch a handful of times since. So there was an adjustment period. Plus, I was sleep-deprived, the gear shift was in my left hand, the roads have like no shoulder whatsoever... did I mention they were a little narrow?

Driving these buses through the passes must suck.

So yeah, that first day or so, I must have stalled out/missed shifts every 10 minutes, almost hit a car in the first roundabout I came across, and probably scraped something on the shoulder five or six times. It was not a relaxing experience. Oh, it took me a couple of hours and looking it up in the driver's manual to figure out where Reverse was - I knew where it was, but figuring out where the interlock/catch was to slide the gearshift over into it was another matter.

But, every day got better and better, to the point that by the time we were leaving Dingle for Kenmare, I was a reasonably competent driver. By then, it was just the small things - getting used to pulling into traffic... I felt like I was driving the mirror tracks on Mario Kart Wii.

No, I didn't buy the hat. I'm not that good of a driver.

So, picking back up the trip, we drove from Inch Beach to Killarney -

Inch Beach, which is actually like five miles long. Irish humor?

and yeah, Killarney, as has been written about, was a very touristy town with a lot of tour buses and it felt... a little busy (it was a Saturday) and far more... commercial than anything we'd seen so far on the western coast. I grew up in Virginia Beach, I have a pretty good feel for a "resort town" - and it's not a favored atmosphere to hang out in, We did stop and check out Ross Castle, which was a pretty interesting restored 15th century stronghold

Ross Castle, on the Lakes of Killarney

and Muckross House, which is as much a monument to 19th century largesse and going broke to impress royalty as anything else - and then a really nice drive through Killarney National Park on the way to the B&B just outside Kenmare.

Near Ladies View, Killarney National Park

View back through the park at Moll's Gap.

Had a wonderful lamb stew for dinner with some pints, and a good night's sleep.

Sunday morning we decided to check out the fair in Kenmare - Jenn has timed this stop to coincide with the biggest fair of the year in Kenmare - which was a odd mix of a flea market, farmer's market, and bazaar with all sorts of stuff. If you were into pellet guns, tools, or animals (yep, for sale there too) you were in luck.

Main Street in Kenmare

BabyGirlHeff wants a pet. Not.

Since we needed to be in Dublin by Monday morning to meet one of our former exchange students from England for a few days, we skipped out on the Ring of Kerry drive most books recommend, and started making our way across the country. We stopped at the Rock of Cashel, which dates back from the 12th century, midday

Impressive. And pretty high up too.

Rock of Cashel with Hore Abbey in foreground - not as close a walk as it appears

and then got bit by the biggest bugaboo of the trip - no iPhone data because we didn't want to get hosed by Verizon international data roaming charges. We drove into Dublin - and then almost immediately got lost because while there are a ton of signs all over the road, the one thing there wasn't enough of were street signs for the actual road you were on. Yeah, they are supposed to be up on the corner buildings... but in reality, you only see them a third of the time... Ordinarly, you just fire up the Maps App and get to where you're going that way... but now, we were doing this manually, me driving, Jenn reading the map.

So, at first, we kept stopping short (oh, we're too far deep into the city, we must be past the hotel) and once we finally got our bearings on the map - then it became, oh, how do we get there (all the one way streets and "you can't turn right" here intersections) before we finally puzzled it out after an extra 60 minutes tooling around the city... then we had to drive out to the airport to drop off the rental car (didn't need it in the city) and come back....

By the way, you drop off the rental at a major Irish airport... by parking it in the garage, bringing the key to the desk and telling them the mileage. Very different from the American experience.

So, we spent that day driving waywayway too much. But we were in Dublin for the second part of the trip, and we had a friend coming in Monday. All was still good, even if we wanted to kill each other by the end of the night ;-).

Hello Dublin. Boy are you hard to find stuff in...

Friday, September 3, 2010

first loser is getting old....

Off day today, so I fire up a couple of tourneys on Stars, where I always run bad.

$33 PLO8 tourney with 96 players - and I finish second. Again. +$460 in profit, but this horrid headsup play is getting old.

This time, we get HU almost even in chips and over 40BB - and it's over in three hands when I get notched AJ93ss vs. A753 and I let myself get valuetowned by a solid player who never bluffed postflop - but I called the river all in anyway.

Yeah, I'm playing well lately, but man there are leaks galore. Stay away from blogger tourneys and I may be able to sustain a profit or something.. :-)

I'll find time for more Ireland fun posts this weekend.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

how to light $40 on fire and waste three hours...


Awesome, out first hand of the Spewday turbo, I jam KQs UTG for the 10BB starting stack, big blind calls with TT and flops a set. 30/30. HELLO GIGLI!

Regular Spewday, I lose half my stack second hand when I bet/threebet/fold the river in position on a AA9TQ board (I like never do that, period) - then hang out for another twenty minutes until I limp KcJc UTG, the blinds call, and when the flop comes AcJx8c, you're damn straight I'm raise/stacking off on the flop, limped pot be dammed. SB flopped bottom set and I didn't get there. 21/23.


Registered for the VeryJosie, actually played seriously with the wifey on my left, and bubbled 4/13 when I stop and go AJ into JT on a Q9x flop and watch the straight fall on the turn. Boo.

By this time I don't even care about the Mookie. I log in late because of who else I see in the tourney, fire up the spewtard chip, and do silly things like open jam any pair or blackjack hand and barely pay attention. I jam 77 into 88 and spike on the river, 55 into QQ and lose, then finally AQ into AK and 77 and bounce 14 of 20.

I swear, I need to take these blogger tourneys just a touch more seriously. It's fun, but I really don't need to be lighting $40 on fire every week just for shits and giggles.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ireland - baabaabaabaa

A pause traveling between Dingle and Kenmare - now that I remembered something.

We drive out to Brandon Point. Tiny, tiny road for like 10 miles. Small town with three buildings, two pubs and a breakwater/boat launch area three miles from the point.

Even tinier road past that leading to the point, right on the Atlantic. We see sheep all up and down the mountainside - because obviously no horse or cattle can get up and down the terrain.

We get there - windy and breathtaking. Jenn takes photos, I walk around with BabyGirlHeff in one of those Hangover-style Baby Bjorns. We're about done, and Jenn says something about wanting to see a flock of sheep being driven down the middle of the road while we're in country.

And sure enough, on cue, as we get ready to leave - there's a flock of sheep changing pastures, coming up the road.

There's video of this that's just priceless...

Monday, August 30, 2010

witty and roto FB...

Well, decided to jump into BamBam's tournament while waiting on my roto draft and try my luck - and that was kind of ghey. Only two hands worth looking at...

eight-handed at 20/40, I've got the starting 1500 stack.
veryjosie openlimps UTG+1, Yor66 calls, I raise to 275 from the button with AKo, all fold around, Yor66 jams 700 total, I snapcall.

Yor66 managed to call down in position with AJ on a KJx flop vs. Lightning36 and lose 1/3rd of his stack, then dribbled the rest down in three orbits, so I wasn't giving him much credit - I actually overraised to induce a jam. Sure enough, he shoves KQo, but there's the three-outer Queen on the flop.

Not the best endorsement for Pokerwit, natch.

So three hands later, I open UTG+2 for 120 with 44 and a 800-chip stack, veryjosie jams 1250 from the button - and I would normally snap fold, but hey, I have a roto draft in 20 minutes, it's a blogger tourney, maybe she's light (riiiight!) - so I tank call pretty light myself, see AQs (probably the bottom of her jamming range) and lose the flip to finish 29/31.

So yeah, I guess that's better than finishing second after 2-3 hours of play, if you look on the bright side.

In draft news I'm in the same league I was in last year - where I finished second loser, 9/10.

I'm horribly bad at roto football - while I can pretty much guarantee a podium finish in roto baseball no matter how I draft, I can't build a football team to save my life, and I have an irrational hate/fear of every running back in the NFL. Every year I don't really prep at all and immediately puke looking at my squad as soon as the draft is over - fifth pick in a twelve-team league, by the way.

Andre Johnson
Miles Austin
Matt Schaub
Jonathan Stewart
Vernon Davis
Jerome Harrison
Marion Barber
Thomas Jones
Derrick Mason
Terrell Owens
Legegu Naanee
Kyle Orton
Tashard Choice
Dallas D/ST
Rob Bironas

Hello second division. You can build a strong roto baseball team out of B-level talent and waiver pickups over a six-month season, but not a football team... :-(

Play Spewday and the VeryJosie this week - I have a very special sheep post coming soon.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ireland, County Clare and Dingle

enough silly stuff about Ireland for now. Where did we actually go?

Cliffs of Moher/ The Burren - this was the first day after our missed connection, so I was sosotired and sleep deprived I barely remember it after landing in Shannon - but it was notable that 1) it was clear and sunny on the cliffs and 2) the wild landscape was such a headtrip - you hear about different countries and their unique topography, but to actually see it was another matter all together. Dopey Colgan Air cost us a night staying in County Claire over in Doolin...

Cliffs of Moher

The Burren

Dingle Peninsula - we made our way down, over the ferry from Killimer to Tarbert, and through Tralee to the B&B we were staying at for a couple of days. Freaking awesome view of the Atlantic Ocean from here

Yeah, ocean's just close enough to touch, great elevation.

The mountains are so close, looking back from the beach here.

After sleeping like nine billion hours, we traveled around, over to Brandon Point for a closeup view of the ocean.

Brandon Point from afar and closeup...

and then through Conor Pass to get to Dingle.

barely 3000ft. up, but yeah, that's a small road.

and then around the Dingle Peninsula

pretty much as far west as you can get and still be in Ireland..

and back to Dingle for a meal and some traditional music to wind up the day.

Dingle's a nice little town, just touristy enough without being annoying.

The next day, we took another pass across the peninsula through to Inch Beach

This road really wasn't on a map. "just turn left at the corner and go... lol"

before heading off the Dingle Peninsula to Killarney, Kenmare, and the Iveragh Peninsula.

We started the trip off on a high point. Jenn and I both enjoyed the trip around the Dingle Peninsula: it was our favorite area of Ireland, and we really could have used an extra day there. Just a nice, scenic, relaxed region - we joked if our jobs allowed it and we still got paid, we'd pick up and move in a heartbeat.

More to come...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

well, xerox time

So it's the second time I've been heads up in this AIPS series in 2010 and lost. Pfft.

So instead of getting my fourth banana, I let someone else get their third. Getting crowded on top of the leaderboards...

A pretty loaded final table with PokerGeekMN and edwardm111. I must be really off my game, because while I'm usually comfortable shorthanded and make some decent reads, they just pwned me far too often in small pots - and I ended up playing dopey longball to change things up. (lot of jamming preflop/on flop)

I let edward setmine for a 1/4 of his stack preflop with 77 and double through me to piss away half of a pretty substantial stack during the final table, and I never got the momentum back. Got to heads up down 4-1 in chips and actually grinded back up to just down 2-1 until I got QT in vs. QJ on a QJ8 flop.

At least I actually didn't bust myself in hour one for once... More Ireland stuff coming soon.

Friday, August 27, 2010

poker time, the more things change...

Ok, so I decide to play a $44 PLO8 tourney, finish 2/40 for +$300 or so. Scandis run so good, he took out everyone starting five-handed - and being down 4-1 in chips, I'll take second and deal with it.

I also play the 32k... take some beats, make it to the bubble with an average stack... then have some noob donk who's -30%ROI on MTTs with like one cash over $200 hose me badly here... Nice play all the way around sir, you call off on the flop ahead of T9 and nothing else.

Freaking three outers (yeah, I know his pair outs are good, but most of the time, they're not, let's be honest.)

Full Tilt Poker Game #23418575248: $32,000 Guarantee (180806926), Table 95 - 800/1600 Ante 200 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:42:21 ET - 2010/08/27
Seat 1: WASSUPBRA (32,547)
Seat 2: mmmooi (40,031), is sitting out
Seat 3: Mycology (73,110)
Seat 4: heffmike (37,143)
Seat 5: Sergeth (33,258)
Seat 6: Edcjy (43,467)
Seat 7: billapop (120,021)
Seat 8: constanzo (36,850)
Seat 9: berserker46 (27,453)
WASSUPBRA antes 200
mmmooi antes 200
Mycology antes 200
heffmike antes 200
Sergeth antes 200
Edcjy antes 200
billapop antes 200
constanzo antes 200
berserker46 antes 200
Edcjy posts the small blind of 800
billapop posts the big blind of 1,600
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [6d 6h]
constanzo folds
berserker46 folds
mmmooi folds
Mycology folds
heffmike raises to 6,225
Sergeth folds
Edcjy calls 5,425
billapop folds
*** FLOP *** [Js 8d 3c]
Edcjy bets 3,200
heffmike raises to 30,718, and is all in
Edcjy calls 27,518
heffmike shows [6d 6h]
Edcjy shows [Th Qh]
*** TURN *** [Js 8d 3c] [9c]
*** RIVER *** [Js 8d 3c 9c] [4h]
heffmike shows a pair of Sixes
Edcjy shows a straight, Queen high
Edcjy wins the pot (77,286) with a straight, Queen high
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 77,286 | Rake 0
Board: [Js 8d 3c 9c 4h]
Seat 1: WASSUPBRA folded before the Flop
Seat 2: mmmooi folded before the Flop
Seat 3: Mycology folded before the Flop
Seat 4: heffmike showed [6d 6h] and lost with a pair of Sixes
Seat 5: Sergeth (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 6: Edcjy (small blind) showed [Th Qh] and won (77,286) with a straight, Queen high
Seat 7: billapop (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: constanzo folded before the Flop
Seat 9: berserker46 folded before the Flop

Ireland - the beer report....

Ok, so what's the most obvious, cliched bit about the Irish?
actual sign in Dun Laoghaire prohibiting drinking in public. Nice hat.

That they're drunk all the time. Well, with baby in tow, we didn't exactly go out and get sloshed at night - our drinking was more of the stop and have a pint 2 or 3 different places during the day while driving around. So, I did very little whiskey drinking and more beer drinking.

Guinness - yeah, it's the gold standard over there. To be honest, I didn't taste that much of a difference over a proper draft poured in the states - Sure it's better, but it's not ambrosia compared to our swill. What is different is that everyone pours it properly, with the right temperature, head, and time to pour - almost two minutes - no one half-asses the pint, it's good every time.

We did the tourist tour of the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin - which is tucked way in the middle of a huge, sketchy industrial area in the middle of the city - and to be honest, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. Sure, there's a lot of BS about Arthur Guinness being a paragon, genius, and savior of the Irish, instead of just a big-time brewer - but there's a lot of historical bits and nuggets in the tour, and the Gravity Bar, where you get your comped pint and a 360 view of the city, is worth the stop all by itself.

SE view of Dublin from the Gravity Bar at Guinness Storehouse.

One thing I was able to taste there was a couple of bottles of Foreign Extra Stout, which isn't distributed in the U.S. 7.5% ABV and very tasty, much different than the standard draft. I only brought one bottle back, though... :-(

Beamish -
Pretty good actually, a nice option for a stout if you're tired of getting Guinness all the time. While I've had Guinness and Murphy's, I haven't bothered to notice Beamish before. I'm sure beer aficionados can split the difference between the two, but in reality, they both are dry stouts with similar characteristics. Since it's brewed in Cork, Ireland's second-largest city, I'm sure this is a regional preference as much as anything else.

Murphy's - decidedly different stout from Guinness and Beamish. lighter, less head, supposedly sweeter.. and I really didn't care for it in comparison with the other stouts.

In the non-stout category...

Smithwick's - Since Jenn isn't a big fan of stouts - she likes Harp, but it wasn't on tap in everwhere we stopped - she ended up having this ale more often than not. Solid, very similar to our pale ales. We were in Kilkenny and wanted to do a tour of the original brewery, since it's on an old Franciscan Abbey site - but they weren't open before we had to leave.. :-(

Of course, by now everything's owned by a multinational conglomerate - Diageo, Heineken, whatever - speaking of which...

Budwieser Ice Cold - LOLOLOL. This was advertised all over the place in Dublin, on buses, and in bars. Gee, what is it? As near as I can tell, standard Budweiser at 1 C, poured out of special taps to keep it ice cold. Gotta love marketing.

Not a Bud Ice Cold.

To come, all sorts of driving fun. and a look at where we actually went in Ireland...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ireland - traveling with babygirlheff

was a lot smoother than I thought it would be.

Beehive huts on the Dingle Peninsula.

She's a really social baby who loves everybody - everywhere we went she just smiled at everyone and made friends galore. The only time she really got ornery was when we took her along on a guided tour of anything - that was her cue to use her voice and try to talk to the OPW guides.

Of course, it was nice when she snoozed in the car too.

In other news, finally hit the tables for the first time in a couple of weeks tonight. My usual play-bad, go oh-fer in SnGs with a couple of bubbles - then I get most of it back in 50NL Rush before I play this hand and realize I'm off my game.

I open two kings UTG+1 to $1.50 with $101 behind.
UTG+2 with $80 behind repops to $5.50.
Hijack jams for $35.

I tank fold like a bitch because usually one of these muppets has aces here and I didn't feel like playing a 375BB pot by the time all the stacks went in.

UTG+2 calls with QQ, Hijack's AQo (WTF?) does not get there, board runs clean for KK.

Yeah, I still suck.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

return to the states...

(just an iPhone photo for now, appetizer for more pix soon...)

Hey, so we're back now. Traveling across oceans can be such a slog.

Ireland was teh nutz, though.

By popular demand (ok, just @jjok on Twitter) I'll probably put up a few posts/pix from the trip over the next few days to break up the inevitable "I play bad and still make minimal mobney away" posts I pollute this blog with.

It only took the wife a few minutes in Newark airport to wish she was back there. I can't say I blame her.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BBT redux.

interrupting the Ireland trip for this post and my comment below... I'm sure I'm late to the thread, but it really motivated me for some reason - back to my Guinness/Jameson travels now..

Typical passive aggressive BS from Hoy, even when he has a legitimate point.

Because you never call a spade a spade and really say what you mean, you lump jjok in with NYRambler and Adam27x. Wonderful. Nice backpedal once everyone pointed out his wife's surgery.

How about just spelling out who you think is selling weak sauce instead of making people guess and create a huge comment thread. If I remember right, only jjok won a ToC seat via an Invitational: Rambler and Adam won theirs in the open cash tourneys. So who are you really disappointed with?

Why did people bitch about the invitational format so much? Because there were a lot of players that had regularly played BBT events that were snubbed, and some people that had basically checked out of blogger events that got in, and that didn't seem fair or equitable.

Tournament poker is about everyone starting square and getting a fair shot at the win, not a popularity contest to get that shot to begin with.

The main problem is this - FTP can't make you play for pay or put any prerequisites on the payout - like they did when I won an ME seat in '06 and was bought in directly - all they can do it credit an account 10K and hope you use it at the Rio.

Whether you made it an Invitational or a cash series wouldn't alter the chances of someone just taking the $T - because there's nothing FTP can do about it outside of just not giving away the prizes, period.

Oh, and Loretta wins the thread with actual valid points - as in, have an average blogger, instead of a serious amateur/pro, try to move 10K from FTP to Vegas in a month with no extra spending money - not just the actual withdrawal, but the tax implications and logistical issues. No surprise that the 10K gets pocketed more than not.

You don't think FTP realizes all of this and accepts it as an risk/cost of doing business and marketing? Please.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yeah, it's actually nice here. Time change is tough.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

uh, yeah, this isn't very green...

my morning view

So, uh, yeah, screw Colgan Air and codesharing. At least they didn't kill us, merely had a dippy mechanical delay from DC that caused a missed connection and an overnight stay in Edison, NJ's finest Holiday Inn.

Which is like 30 minutes from Newark. Off the Jersey Turnpike. Arriving at midnight midweek with nothing open and nothing to drink or eat but Papa John's pizza.

So that's a winner. At least 1) we got $120 in food/drink comps with nowhere to use them and 2) we're flying on Biz First Class tickets, so we can kill time at the airport today in the bunnyfoofoo lounge until we catch the next flight 24 hours later.

I imagine I will be quite tipsy by the time we board.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

off the grid

and in Ireland for a few days. Will have a Guinness or Jameson while I'm there...