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Monday, December 7, 2009

this is either stellar news or a complete disaster in the making.

Well, this is less than 50 miles from my house, so MAYBE I can have a decent live poker room to day trip to by mid-2010.

It would be nice if it spread a wide variety of low-limit games up to 10-20 and some decent tournaments.

What it'll probably do instead is have a bunch of 2/4 LHE, 1/2 NL, and tournaments with 50BB stacks and 20-minute blind levels that double, just like all the bar poker that's popular around here... :-( One can always hope, though.

Speaking of which, played Sunday afternoon at the local watering hole and finished 3rd/1st/busto in Level 2 for the three games, so maybe these turbo tourneys are right up my alley. Actually made a bunch of raise/fold laydowns preflop and got people to show me I was right every time...


CEMfromMD said...

Glad you could make it out last night for Skillz.

In reference to your post, I actually myself live less then 40 miles from Charles Town. Which direction from Charles Town are you?

Heffmike said...

I'm in NoVa, so I'd be coming up Route 9 to get there - You guys in MD actually have a much better way to get there via US 340, Rt.9 is basically a two-lane road for 20 miles until it gets to Charles Town.

CEMfromMD said...

Yeah, I do have it better. Live in Frederick, so its a straight shot on 340, less than 2 miles of two-lane road the whole time. We will have to meet up there sometime when they get the poker going!