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Sunday, November 29, 2009

catching up for December.

Holiday time has been fine. I really haven't gotten anything accomplished, but that's actually OK. It's not like the leaves in the yard won't still be there next weekend.

Pokers has been way silly annoying. After getting back to break even, immediately dumped a few hundred running -40% ROI in just a few days to go even deeper in the red than I had been over the last couple of months. Damn short-run SnG/MTT variance.

Typical session: final table a $11 2R1A tourney on Stars. Winning would even out the negative run. Finish 6th or something silly like that when someone opens from the CO and tank calls my 10BB effective button shove with AQo (LOL nits). Look down, and including the cash, I'm still down $5 for the night.

Starting to read all the prep posts about the blogger gathering coming up, and am actually wishing I could get out there - except I couldn't drag along one-month old BabyGirlHeff as a card protector or something - at least my parents finally got up here to visit their granddaughter over Thanksgiving and she worked her charms on them. She basically cooed and slept while they held her during the day, then cried and stayed up until 4am for me and Jenn to make up for that :-).

Fantasy football has been a disaster this season: I win three games by 12 points total and get absolutely smoked the other eight weeks to run 9th in a 10 team league. For every smart move I make (Steve Smith off waivers, Brett Favre as a last round draft pick) I make dopey ones (draft Westbrook/Jacobs/Boldin with first three picks, drop Favre in Week 2 because I have Rivers and OldManBrent won't do shit anyway, sigh) Obv I will rethink my draft and waiver strategy next year.

I am going to have most of December off from work to burn up the rest of my vacation time and watch the daughter as Jenn starts working again. 2010 is shaping up to be a year of change, that's for sure.

One thing to wait for, though: Friday I was watching The Price Is Right for the first time in years and saw the BESTCONTESTANTEVAR! Once I find the video, the epicness will be posted...

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