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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

fantasy football time...

Pokerwise, it's been a little slow in terms of volume - no time lately to run anything too deep or big - need to try to fit in some WCCOP or mini-FTOPS events in September - but from a $$ standpoint, it's been going very well - I'm making very effective use of my time.

The Labor Day weekend will be spent fixing up some more things around the house, and working Monday morning (gotta volunteer for some holiday shifts) so it'll be a bit abbreviated - the kids begin school Tuesday, and babygirlHeff arrives around Halloween.

The summer has disappeared quickly.

Which means it's time for fantasy football!

I have to admit, I am nowhere near as good at FF as roto baseball (the hugochavezlovechild team is a solid third, woot, go Latinos!) basically because I feel like fantasy football is about studs and superstars, and fantasy baseball is more about the value you squeeze out on the waiver wires and the hidden gems in the 23rd pick. I've always been better at the margins than with the draftnik hairsplitting between Larry Fitzgerald or DeAngelo Williams.

So, for evaluation or laughter, here's my team after the draft last night. I haven't done a live football draft in years, so I'm way rusty on strategy - only rules I had were no Cowboys (f them) and no Redskins (season will be painful enough watching them every week in DC without them crushing my roto soul as well...)

Prolly too heavy on RB/WR, but whatever.

1. (6) Brian Westbrook RB
2. (15) Brandon Jacobs RB
3. (26) Anquan Boldin WR
4. (35) Philip Rivers QB
5. (46) Tony Gonzalez TE
6. (55) LenDale White RB
7. (66) Santonio Holmes WR
8. (75) Jonathan Stewart RB
9. (86) Donald Driver WR
10. (95) Kevin Walter WR
11. (106) Laveranues Coles WR
12. (115) Minnesota defense
13. (126) Josh Brown K
14. (135) Jerious Norwood RB
15. (146) Brent Favre, OldMan

10 team league, three spots pay. I guarantee a bubble finish. :-)


PokahDave said...

Oct. 30th is the best day to be me! Good luck and good health to you and yours....

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

"Brent Favre, OldMan"

Nicely done.