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Thursday, August 6, 2009

kind of have new photos and deep runs to share.

So I play the Mookie Wednesday night, and manage to NOT bust out in the first 15 minutes. Instead I drop 2/3rd of my stack when I run KdTd into AKo on a Kxx two diamond flop and don't get there. I nit up, make some key double ups (A5>33, KK>JJ, QQ>JJ and TT) and somehow right the ship and make the final table....

...where I finish ninth. Standard openshove for less than 10BB with A9o, big stack behind me tanks for 15 seconds before reshoving with AKs.

No matter, hey, I'm running some 180-man tourney and have a fuckton of chips around the payout bubble, manage not to hold AKs against A5o, then shove AJ into QQ and AT into AQ, but still manage to make the final table with a workable stack...

...where I finish ninth, again. I manage to not open or shove two straight pots when I would have turned the nutz, so the very next pot I openshove my 12BB stack and run into aces.

Meh, that's ok, Thursday a sonogram is scheduled to see babygirlheff as we start hitting the homestretch now, with less than 90 days to go. It's one of those 4-D scans where you're supposed actually be able to see stuff...

...except that said babygirl keeps shoving her head everywhere but where you can get a clear view, so as a result her image looks like giant fuzzy pumpkin...

Well, I guess I can call all of this running well after all.

Anyhow, things are generally running smooth, yay us.

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