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Friday, August 21, 2009

deep runs have to get there sooner or later....

after a Wednesday where I busto quickly from the Mookie (AK v KK all in pre and I don't get there) and then manage to lose every flip in every SnG I play, I decided to take a different tack Thursday: Just play the $55 tourneys at 9:30 and see what I could do in a large field, double stack tournament.

Well, it took a while to get going, but I end up running deep in both..

FTP, finish 77th of 1086 for +$60 profit... I flat KK on the button in a multiway pot looking to tarp, and sure enough, the open raiser spikes a set with his deuces on the J62r board and I don't resuck. Silly me.

Stars, I freaking final table bubble the 70K guaranteed - 10 of 1329, +$600 to the good.

I had an average stack with 10 players to go and managed to dump it all in a few hands. I finally openshove A4s for 15BB into 55 in the blinds that called off half his stack and held. I got pwned after playing pretty well for six hours.

Of course I also managed to shove JTo into aces and flop top two pair, so it all balanced out.... but yet another night where I can see that five-figure payout just dancing in front of me, and I can't quite get there. I should be pleased with the session, but right now I'm just grumbly that I'm not still shoving chips around.

One thing I noticed playing both tourneys simultaneously - the FTP structure plays much deeper for the first 4-5 hours - but the Stars structure flattens out nicely, around the final three tables, to allow for plenty of play late. There's merit to both ways of doing things, but I prefer things to move slower later rather than early. I tend to play better with mid-size, 30-40BB stacks anyway.

Anyhow, I'll get there someday, I hope.

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