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Monday, July 27, 2009

sometimes the game is funny pt.2

Goofing around at a free bar poker tournament Sunday afternoon.

Effective stacks around 4K. UTG limps for 100, I limp behind with A3o because I don't really care, two callers behind, small blind makes some dopey reraise to 225, all of us call, six to the flop.

Board runs out 56T67, no flush, and it checks around on the flop and turn. On the river, I finally decide to bet 500 because no one obviously has anything unless they just spiked a seven. All fold, but the small blind thinks and calls.

I just tell him, "you're way good" and muck. Because he has to have a pair or Ax with a kicker that plays, right?

He shows KJo, and says, "that's what I thought."

It takes me a minute before I process everything.

-Did I just get called with King high?
-Did I actually muck a winner for the first time ever?
-Did he think I was betting Qx?

Anyhow, I obviously suck at free live poker. Off to the internets with me.

Blogger tourney updates.

*Played the Mookie Wednesday and spite called a flop shove in a bad spot when third pair was good in a raised pot.
*I never play the PokerSlut tour, but stud/8 sucked me in - ran well, made the final table, got stuck in a bad spot with a flush draw/low draw/trips against an open two pair that filled up for most of my chips, and failed to cash.

I wasn't really paying close attention to the stud/8 tourney, because I somehow managed a 40th or something in a 1200-man Stars tourney, the $11 1R1A again, by shortstacking for at least 90 minutes before, through, and after the bubble. I farmed that 10BB stack far deeper than should be possible. Anyhow, still climbing up the bankroll mountain, such as it is.

I am also getting my Handyman degree around the house. Unclogged a washing machine blockage by breaking down the pump - stripped more wallpaper and paneling off bedroom walls - preparing to put in a laminate floor in the basement later this month.

By the way, the family is heading to Hershey Park this weekend.

Can anyone tell me if it's teh suck or teh awesome, pls?


jjok said...

hahaha to the King high......hahaha

BWoP said...

Hershey Park???

I grew up about 40 min from there. I spent a lot of time there during my childhood and always had a good time.

I'm not sure how the park is these days though . . .

And yes, the whole town smells like chocolate.

1Queens Up1 said...

CK where the heck did you grow up? I get up 45 mins east of Hershey Park in a town called Bethlehem.

Heff, I havent been there since 1987 but if they still do the Hershey tour through the factory do it (lotsa free chocolate!)

Also remember to ride on the Hershey Highway (still makes me laugh) and take pics of the lights that are shaped like Hershey-Kisses.

SirFWALGMan said...

I loved it as a kid. The lamps are all Hershey Kisses. they give out a ton of chocolate. It rocked. The park was fun too. Like queens I have not been since I was a kid long time ago.

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