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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I play rotational games ok, but I guess I need to never chat again.

A small Skillz field (9 players) but I winz a blogger HORSE tourney again (forgot a screenshot) Tuesday night. Strange up and down battle heads up with iaatg6296, where I start down 3-1, get up 4-1, then go down almost 8-1, but catch good, basically keep grinding and get there FTW. He made me work hard. It was a good, fun heads up session that lasted almost 30 minutes.

So I'm not sure why he views it differently, as in this post.

Before this hand, I think he hit running pairs twice in the last few Stud hands where I had to fold, so the run goot is obviously going his way - momentum swings happen a lot in Stud.

Total pot 17,000 | Rake 0
Seat 1: iaatg6296 showed [Js Jd 7c 7d 5h Tc 8s] and won (17,000) with two pair, Jacks and Sevens
Seat 3: heffmike mucked [Ah Jh 7s Ac 2c Td 5d] - a pair of Aces

heffmike: un real
iaatg6296: had the jacks and 7s from 4th street :(
heffmike: gee, you think?

He limp/raised third, bet/three bet fourth, and I called down every street like a monkey after that trying to catch up/suck out, so paying him off was my fault completely - horrible play, like I can really beat anything here with a pair of Aces, please - but I knew he had at least two pair on fourth. I just ignored what he was telling me anyway. What really sucked was I was holding a Jack and a seven there myself - I'd rather he do this with (KK)7 and I'd oddly feel better about it :-(

For the most part, I don't care about other people's hands or when they catch cards, so when they tell me something I already know, meh, whatever, that's fine, hand is over with, let's move on and keep playing. I know he's a good player that won't go nuts with just 77 there.

If this chat is really considered that rude, maybe I should just never say anything to anyone ever again in these bloggerments.

I happen to like iaatg - I'm not trying to patronize him - and I'm not sure why this set him off - but no ill will intended. Sorry about that.

Hell, I wasn't even annoyed. I just figured the RNG hates me, obv, what can you do?

Anyhow, another night in the books.


1Queens Up1 said...

gg on the win

gg on unintnetional blogger drama!

iaatg6296 said...

I just wanted to point it out its just I know you got annoyed that I was catching but the thing is you do that to so many people and no one says anything about it but when it happens to you, you do that. That was my point if you cant take both sides then idk what to say or do

PokahDave said...

blogger chat blowups are hilarious......