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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Managed to make it back from the Eastern Shore with a minimum of bugbites, just a small redneck sunburn, and no apparent diseases from evil insects, raccoons, or other critters - just a lack of sleep from the loudest snorers I've ever been around in my entire life. Actually walked back to my car to get a couple hours of silence and actual sleep overnite - yeah, it was that bad. Did I mention I had it in stereo, even with shooting range earplugs in?

Anyhow, one amusing thing - as I was trying to get periodic updates on the Main Event Friday via iPhone extended network (gogogo LJ with solid stack entering Day 2) - I noticed a lot of these upstanding, "good kid" Boy Scouts spent a good chunk of downtime playing poker - not every well, of course - but they brought chips, ran out flop/turn/river reasonably well, and even sounded like grumpy old nits when they argued over who should be sitting where... :-)

So, perhaps the future of the game will be OK, despite the efforts of the government to the contrary. After all, if the 4th of July comes down to a basic revolt against momos telling you what to do with your money, what's truly more American than a little poker playing?

Gee, I love oversimplifying things to make a silly point. I'll be on the Mall for the fireworks show, so wave when you see me on TV...

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I think I saw you ...