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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OK, so I played Skillz

because I have a PLO8 weakness and got sucked into it... good to see 21 players after Riverchasers voided out Monday night.... I actually played pretty decent - PLO8 is so relaxing to me because it fits my mathematical mind pretty well - got up to 6500 or so, then played a big pot with Bayne...

I raise AQ22 single suited hearts UTG (normally I openlimp everything EP in Omaha but I was on autopilot) - he threebets me in MP, it folds around and I repot to basically put him all in because flatting OOP here sucks and I gambool - he naturally sticks it in the middle with
AA95 single suited spades and I don't get there to give him the 10K scoop. After that, I'm just a short stack that bounces 12th of 21. Fun nevertheless.

Will show up for Mookie fun tonite.

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