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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I can do research too!

Crazy thunderstorms through Northern Va. made the Internet patchy enough to stop me from playing the Mookie last night.... noticed the field was pretty small - but even then I think this is being a touch alarmist... Mookie numbers should be fine in the long run, although we haven't heard from the big guy in a while...

One thing I was able to do in the last few days is research some results on, since it does a pretty complete job compiling tournament results on Full Tilt, from HU sit-n-gos up to the biggest MTTs. Now, it has it's shortcomings - it doesn't track that well before 2008, it doesn't track any cash play, you can't account for rakeback... but as a general tool to check if a player is profitable at donkaments, it'll do.

So I looked up everyone in the ToC plus a few other notable names just to see what I could dig up.

No, I'm not reproducing it here, you can find this infomation on your own, it's not a secret.
No, I wasn't checking any other sites, so if you are crushing Stars or BoDog, it's not reflected here.

Anyway, of the 44 players:

- There's about eight players that have been +%ROI in 2008, 2009, and lifetime: I'm lucky enough to be one of those eight, although I don't play high enough to make any substantial profits.

- Another eight or so are clearly profitable players lifetime, but may have had a negative stretch in 2008 or 2009. Some players' lifetime profits comes from one big tourney score - without it they would be in the red - I'm not sure if that makes their numbers any more or less valid than someone with smaller but more numerous, consistent cashes.

- At least 15-20 are -%ROI in 2008, 2009, and lifetime. Some by some pretty substantial percentages, more than -20%.

- There's 5-6 people with lifetime profits over 5K, topping out at around 40K. There's also 5-6 players who are in the hole over 5K lifetime, bottoming out at around 20K.

Past performance does not indicate future results, yadayadayada.

But it was a useful 30 minute exercise.

No plans to update until Sunday night, hopefully with good news.
GL all.

1 comment:

1Queens Up1 said...

im curious where i fell in there, i kinda wished you did post as im at work and cant search. :)