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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holiday's coming up, going off the grid..

I scammed myself into heading out somewhere in the middle of the Eastern Shore to help out with a Boy Scout camp this week... even though I am not a big scouting/camping person, I'm being a good stepdad and making a contribution of my time and effort to the youth of America, yaddayaddayadda. I did volunteer to go help out at the shooting range, so hopefully I don't walk into a bullet or arrow or anything...

So I leave Wednesday, and come back to NoVa on the 4th - then planning on a D.C. adventure for fireworks that night... no Mookie or anything, and checking up on the WSOP ME will be limited for a couple of days. I have made some short-term investments for the main event - horses are definitely +EV - and will enjoy tracking things from afar.

Nice to see the run goot keep active for bloggers - Hoy makes a bigtime cash at the Venetian for 51K - it's just a matter of time before someone blows up again with an even bigger score, I'm sure.

Someday, I'll have the money and time to get out to LV and enjoy a quickie junket just like everyone else seems to have done this summer. I'm just not sure when :-(

Wife is happy her Verizon phone died, so she can conveniently get out her contract and get the new iPhone she's been wanting for weeks - as she says, "small price to pay for me carrying and delivering your baby girl"

BabyGirlHeff seems fine - I get told everyday how much she's moving around, but I can't feel anything from the outside yet. Beat.

I see Skills is PLO tonite. Probably one last goof around before camping for me.

Can I write many more sentence fragments? Probably not. Have a happy holiday all...

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