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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just so odd tonite.....

Riverchasers was weird tonite.. I get reasonably deep, play ok, spike a pot of two, play kind of silly sometimes, end up losing most of my stack in a weird spot. So standard.

I end up running into a lot of players who are very annoying to play against for two reasons.

-They are on my left with a metric fuckton of chips
-They have the attitude that I never have anything, so I have to double barrel every hand whether I'm value betting or bluffing, so say hello to silly variance.

Anyway, I play a weird hand here to get back to a starting stack after playing pretty shitty for the first 30 minutes,

Sophie2002 minraises from the small blind at 30/60, I call with Q7o and 2100 in chips becuase I'm stupid.
Flop Kh7c6h. She bets 200, I call,
Turn As, she checks, I figure it's a good card to bet and fire 475, she calls.
River 8c, she checks, I check behind because I really can't beat a damn thing...
except for Jh7h. Boy, I'm a fish sometimes.

Anyhow, I catch Schaubs being a non-believer with one pair later...

I open from the button with Ac2c for 225 at 40/80 and a 2800 stack, Schaubs calls from the blinds with 6500 behind,
Flop Tc5s3c. I like that. Schaubs check/calls 400.
Turn 4s. Ding. Schaubs checks, I bet 725 in my best "look like AK, look like AK" line, Schaubs raises to 1900, I shove, he calls drawing dead with KhTh, I double through.

I get to the first break top ten in chips, spiral down as I whiff everything and the big stacks keep firing in spots I can't call or shove in.... I flip with Sting70 when I raise/call his shove for 12BB with 33, and somehow hold when his AdTd flops Kd8c6dQc.... 2h.

I play a silly, shitty hand with NYRambler where I definitely miss a bet.

I raise 64o from the small blind, because I've been pretty quiet, up to 775 at 120/240/25 with 6500 behind , Rambler calls with a 13K stack,
Flop Ad5d3s. I check, he bets 720, I resist going nutso with the OESD for once and just call.
Turn 4h, goes check check, whee!
River 4s... and I should value bet... but I can't believe Rambler calls me with anything decent and is more likely to bet out... so I check and he checks behind with A9. Shit.

I keep forgetting everyone thinks I'm a moron and that's the kind of river I have to get value from by betting it.

Anyhow, I dust off most of my stack in this hand.

150/300/25, I have 6600 and AhQc.

qrs1 open limps UTG, I raise to 1475 from the one off the button, Julkeus flats from the blinds with a 4K stack. Weird. qrs1 folds, heads up to the flop.
Flop KcTcTh. He checks, I check because I can't fathom him ever folding here,
Turn 5d. He checks again... and I figure, if I'm betting into the nutz, so be it, and put him in.
He calls with JcJd, I actually have outs, but don't get there and drop under 3K.

With 13BB left, with an UTG limp and a raise, JJ should be a fold or shove, not a flat for over a third of your stack. I really expected him to roll over AA/AK/KK there if he called.

I'm wondering if I shove the flop if he would actually fold JJ. After all, I'm raising an UTG limper that covers me. I probably have a hand, and on a KTT board, JJ really only beats AQ/AJ. - and that assumes I don't have a flush draw as well as overcards. Oh well, I obviously can be monkey pushing on occasion when he checks twice, so it's an optimal line if you're felting the hand no matter what. More often than not, though, he's calling drawing to two outs.

I run 55 into MiamiDon's QQ the very next hand and bounce 12th of 48. So yay 40ish points. Boo no cash, no final table.

I gotta play better than this, though. If I'm going to be splashing around, I need to get paid properly when I do it.


Schaubs said...

I played that hand so bad.

What do you do if I lead out or check raise the flop?

Heffmike said...

Honestly, I would try to get it all in on the flop by any means necessary, because I have like nine million outs and you never have more than one pair here. You will have a tough call if I shove because I can easily have top pair crushed with JJ+. If you flop a set, oh well, that'll happen.

Calling sucks because you will probably barrel again on the turn if I don't get there and check/shutdown if the flush comes in, so I can't really get paid even with position.