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Friday, May 1, 2009

final turn, down the stretch...

OK, so now that we're into May, time to look back like I did in last month and review month two of the BBT4.

Wins FT ITP ITM Events Points $$$ Avg. Behind
2nd 1 4 6 5 19/20 687.2 $1,043.50 36.17 188.8 March
6th 1 5 6 1 18/18 378.7 $148.00 22.28 355.5 April

4th 2 9 12 6 37/38 1065.9 $1,191.50 28.81 132 Mar/Apr


On the surface, not much difference - one donkament win, one more final table in April, pointing about a third of the time...

But man, 1 for 18 in the money?

The fact it was a negative ROI month for BBT4 - boo that.. - I guess I could just chalk it up to running bad at final tables...

March - 1-2-2-5 (2 Riverchasers, 2 Mookies)
April - 1-5-7-8-9 (2 Skillz, 2 Brit Bloggers, Big Game)

But the other thing that was annoying in April was that I started running good at Skillz and the Brit Blogger - the smaller events - and quit getting deep in Riverchasers and the Mookie like I did in March - where the big fields and big mobneys are. - Now, this is all short-term variance - a little hot in March, a little cool in April - so you can't draw any major conclusions from it. But I'd rather have a month like March than April, all things considered.

I had a few moments of spewtardism - notably to close the month - but I think I'm keeping that in check - maybe too much so, actually, since I'm not accumulating chips early like I was in March. I'm considering adding a few tweaks to my game for May just to keep everything fresh and stop auto-botting every play - but I haven't decided yet... :-)

But I still feel good about the state of my game - I've had two pretty solid months and am actually closer to the overall points lead than I was at the end of March - so I can't complain about that. Much better than BBT3, where I was 72nd and 44th after two months with only 2 final tables in 28 events.

I hope to stay top five overall, if not better, by the time June gets here so I can pick up some freeroll coin. Hopefully I can close out May with another strong performance... at least keep consistently pointing, making final tables and a profit for the month - one more W if I can squeeze one out... and get 2009 back on the upswing.

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